How do I love thee...virtually?

Heavens! All these virtual weddings and affairs abound of late and I wonder how it happens. Are they borne of the chat rooms? Or just whirl-wind romances? Since Crunchy’s first thread on the matter I’ve been tempted to offer myself up for virtual matrimony–admit it, you’ve at least thought about it too–but I have to confess that the actual ‘virtual marriage’ is not as exciting to me as the ‘virtual courting.’

Now, have I got it wrong? All you virtually married/engaged/whatever please tell me…was there courtship? How long was it? What was it like? Am I just being old fashioned? Is virtual courtship a thing of the past?

Virtual marriage is an important (virtual) step. How did you know you had the right virtual mate?

Well struuter, if you check out my thread, you can see exactly how it happened. I was groggy from sleep and bored at work just trying to keep myself entertained. All the courtship between littlebit and myself is in that thread. I honestly didn’t think I’d get anybody to accept my virtual proposal. I was just being goofy and killing time. I think littlebit and I had more interaction with each other in that one thread than we did the entire time I’d been registered.

It seems though, that little*bit is having second thoughts. We were supposed to tie the virtual knot Sunday, but I was left standing at the virtual alter. I may have to ask someone else to be my virtual bride. Luckiy, I have a virtual stripper mistress who may be interested . . .

Crunchy dear…if your virtual mistress isn’t interested, I may be able to be convinced… :wink:

But Falcon… I’m having Crunchy Frog’s virtual baby!!


Mine started on page 9 of Very Vaguely Creepy, then I started a thread for it (“Apparently, I’m a hottie”–[linked in sig]), and on the second page of it, I proposed. She said yes! :smiley:

I don’t think there was much courtship. She sent me a picture of her . . . she said she didn’t like the Cowboys. That was enough for me.

It might have lasted ten minutes. She IMed me for whatever reason.

You’re not being old-fashioned.


How can you go wrong with someone who doesn’t like the Cowboys?

BTW, struuter, feel free to flirt (online) with me as much as you like.

Rachlle - when the hell did that happen? Did you get me virtualy drunk one night and I don’t remember?

iampuhna - not a Dallas fan either, huh? I’m starting to like you more and more. As I always say, my 2 favorite teams are the Rams and whoever’s playing against the Cowboys.

stuuter…I’d be honored to court you. How can I convince you, you ask? All I can say is I’ll dance at the feet of the moon and jump the bonfire for you. So, whadda ya think?


No, as a matter of fact, I haven’t. No offense directly intended to anyone, but I got over this kind of crap in 8th grade. No, wait: I NEVER did this kind of crap.

Well, since nobody but uberDave has thrown their hat in, then allow me to offer. Struut, I’d be honored to be your virtual boy-toy. Hell, it’s already happened on weirddave’s ship, but making it official would be fun.

So, consider me in the running, struut! After seeing all these virtual weddings, it’s looking like a trend, and I want on board!

I’ll come up with some credentials and/or publicity stunts to win you over when I’ve got time. For right now, though, I’m taking suggestions!

What should I do to win struuter’s love?

Hamadryad, I hope you’ll appreciate this and find it amusing…and it’s certainly taught me to make sure I cover all my bases when I post. When I wrote that blurb that you quoted about everyone thinking about it–the first thought that came into my mind was that you were among the people who most likely didn’t think about it. :slight_smile:
So that’ll teach me to generalize.

Yes Crunchy, I got you drunk and took advantage of you in a way you’ve never been taken advantage of before. You don’t remember the champagne, the roses, the toffee flavored butt lotion? I’m surprised… I remember it warmly. I’ve still got the pictures! :wink:

That’s not much of a virtual proposal, Crunchy dear.
It will take a little more effort to convince me to settle down with you. After all, I have all my fans from your bachelor party to think about… :wink:

uber, well thank you. I’m flattered. How very sweet…
Jester, what can I say? You’d be willing to take valuable time away from your campaign for me? Wouldn’t wooing a strumpet hurt your chances of election?

Well, I IMed iampunha because he didn’t know what Camel Toe was… i refer you to tiggeril’s thread here.

Hey, I know I’m not the first, but I’ve been flirting with struuter for some time now.

Just last week, I proposed to begin the courting with said Ms. struuter (and I know, IRL it’s Mrs. struuter, but this is virtual, so there). This is courting, not marriage. Just so’s all y’all don’t go a’thinkin’ your doing something new here.

::eyes uberDave and Jester warily::

-=-=-the opinions expressed here in no way presume ownership or priority of cause, they are simply statements-=-=-

Also, Rachelle, what ever happened to that thong you had at the lawn chair party? Just curious.

Well, it’s not a proposal yet, Tally-Ho. I’m not going to dump little*bit that quickly. If she decides to call it off, you’ll be the first to garner my attentions though.:wink:

You certainly have. And very well, too.

Tell me, would you presume ownership or priority of cause if you virtually wooed me? :slight_smile:

Crunchy, I already have your attention.
That’s part and parcel of being your mistress. :smiley:

All the good stuff, none of the commitment.

Well, most of you accompanied APB9999 and I on our virtual date a month or two ago, yes? I have the feeling we opened the floodgates to all these E-romances . . .

If Ukulele Ike is Robert Benchley to my Dorothy Parker, I guess that makes APB my Charlie McCarthy (no, the playwrite, not the ventriloquist’s dummy!).