My users are back. Oh joy.

So I checked the login, worked OK for me, I suggested “Perhaps it was an aberration”
“It was NOT my imagination!” She retorted.

I’m going to move to Uruguay and export tropical fish to the United States. Walking in a piranha filled stream with a dip net seems pleasant in comparison.

But, plant, the email said it loved me!

Good gad, Tars, do you work here?

Work? HA!!! I just play internet solitaire all day and try to help you do your job by deleting files to clean up my computer (who needs autoexec.bat anyway??)

You DO work here, you little…

Come work for a school district. When all the teachers come back from summer break we always have about 20 of 'em saying, “My email doesn’t work, did you guys do something to it? My password doesn’t work anymore.”

Of course it’s always a case of them forgetting their passwords…

Then there are the ones that don’t like where their computer is in their classroom and they unhook it and move it, then never hook up the cat5 cable back into the wiring jack and ask us why they can’t hit the server or the internet.

And then there are a few cases where their computer doesn’t turn on at all…it helps when they plug it in.

I did have to tell the new teacher who moved the PC, “It is customary to move the computer close enough to an electrical outlet to plug it in.”

I don’t have to do front-line support anymore, neener neener neener!

Network administration is waaaaaaaay better. Wierder hours, but I only have to talk to Helpdesk and my boss.