My very first MMP!

Since I’m still up at the stroke of midnight (a rarity for me), I thought I’d start an MMP for the first time ever. Party on! :clock12: :tada: I brought the cake! :cake:

Ohhhh, what kind of cake? Lots of frosting I hope :cupcake::cupcake::cupcake:. It’s only 11:35pm my time but for you and cake, I’m quite ready to break the rules.

Boo~ I’ll eat the frosting and give you my cake if I can have your frosting

“Let them eat cake!” - Miss_Owl

Up, caffeinated, and shelved. Off to sort. I wonder if I’ll beat my hat home from the hub today?

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 76 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 90 with possible rain/tstorms/apocalypse this afternoon. We shall see. It was rainy(ish) off and on yestiddy but none of the predicted storms or end of the world TWPTB carried on about. Today’s agenda includes spiffin’ da cave, the makin’ of poke roast, sweet N.O.T., collard greens, and cornbread which shall be consumed as a late N.O.L,/early sup, and I have Vestry meetin’ over to the church house at six. Hopefully this meetin’ will not be marathon as the biggest item on the agenda is the selection of delegates for annual Diocesan convention which will be virtual this year. Thinkin’ of throwin’ my hat into the ring as I can handle a virtual convention from the comfort of da cave.

I like cake. Cake is good. I have as yet to meet a cake I will not eat outside of fruitcake, which, as we all know, is not real cake. Fruitcake, Velveeta, and roaches would survive a nuclear holocaust.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

ETA: doggio why are you and your hat havin’ a race?

I remain Horizontal, one eye open y’all must be magical morning pixies. Ugh off to the coal mines in 45

sounds good swampy heck i might even be able to choke down the greens …

Today it begins. The painter said he’d get here around 8 - so roughly 90 minutes from now. We took down the TV in our room. I’ll talk to Chris the Painter and find out what his plans are so I know what I have to move and where I have to move it. I still have a few boxes that I can load up as needed.

The main thing we need to work around is our internet connection, since FCD needs it for work. But that won’t be an issue till he’s ready to paint the room where I am at the moment. For now, I need to make sure he can get to all the ceilings. And I have to figure out how to capture Ziva and get her to the basement. Not sure how that will go.

We’ve got a couple of really nice days ahead, chance of some rain late in the week, then more nice. I’m hoping once Chris gets started, I’ll have a couple of hours to get out and mow.

For my part, my bladder woke me at 3, and I’ve been mostly up ever since. And I’ve always been a morning person, so it’s not too big a deal. Mostly.

Anyway, breakfast has been ingested and I’m about to drag the shop vac to the basement to do what I should have done yesterday.

Happy Moanday!!!

Holy Moses. I slept for a solid nine hours. Unbroken. Crashed at 10, now it’s 7 a.m. with no bio break in between.

I feel like I won something!

Brought home a 1:1 thc/cbd chocolate bar for precisely this purpose. I only ate a bit of it, though! (Gooooooo C.B.D. you’re my new best friend.)
Unfortunately, “Seebeedee” doesn’t lend itself to a cute nickname like Al or Mel. I never heard of a guy called “Ceeb.”

You know what? I might even go back to bed. Why not? It’s my “weekend” I got today & tomorrow off. At least, snuggle with kitties and doze a bit.

Did I start a Mumper trend or something?

Will sweet potatoes become the next “CoronaCooties shortage” like toilet paper and pork products?

Find out next time, right here on the MMP!

Afternoon, mumpers! I was supposed to be off work today but the event I was going to be at yesterday got cancelled on Saturday morning so instead I decided to be good to my boss and cancel my day off. Turns out it was a good idea because she’s stressing about a bunch of post-exam board stuff that needs to be done today so at least I am around to do it for her.

Weekend was good, despite the event cancellation. We are due to be at an indoor socially-distanced gig in a real venue next Saturday so will be going off to that anyway. We have accommodation booked, plans to meet friends, and tickets for the local zoo on Sunday. Sadly, the day after that, I will be expected back on campus so no more late starts to the day.

Cake…I like cake, cake is good. I do also like fruitcake so if anyone has some and doesn’t want it, I’ll give it a good home!

Painters arrived at 7:30. They plan to do all the ceilings today. Taz is in the basement, Ziva is hiding, and Higgs is with me being quiet, amazingly enough. Tomorrow they’ll do the 2 smaller bedrooms, then FCD and I can move our bed to the guest room so they can paint our room. after that. And that gives me 2 days to cut back the carpet in the rest of the house. So yay!.

The challenge will be keeping Roxy occupied on Tues, Thurs, Fir…

Light sort today, which was a good thing because a bunch of people called out, including multiple supervisors. It was also listed as a holiday on the schdule, but dunno why UPS celebrates Britain’s adoption of the Gregorian calendar. :thinking: Also, the belt ate a bunch of packages. :grimacing:

I ordered a new one to replace the one the Anvil Gnomes stole at work, and it was shipped UPS and wound up in my hub.I left at 0800, and it was listed as “out for delivery” at 0421, 0513, and 0826. So now I wait.

Painters are more than halfway done with the ceilings. I am impressed! I bet they’ll be done in another hour, leaving me lots of time to do what I need to do today. Yay!!

It’s Moanday. I was going to be taking the bus today, since DH has a physical therapy appointment and needed the car. The bus I was depending on to get to Hades Annex on time failed to show up (and I gave them 5 minutes past schedule). DH apparently plans to drive me to irk before his appointment, rather than one of us taking Lyft (which can get pricy for my commute, and DH’s appointment probably wouldn’t be that much cheaper to Lyft to).

Cake sounds incredible. I wonder if I could use some mistakenly-purchased pumpkin pie filling to make one?

I’m on the phone with my company’s help desk and have been for at least the last 30 minutes due to a widespread outage. I wish they’d just give me an option for them to call me back - this message I’m listening to is KILLING me. Oh wait! Shoot, the line just went completely silent. I’m not sure if this means stay on the line they’re about to answer or we just dropped your sorry butt. I guess I’ll give it 5 minutes and if no one picks up, hang up and call right the heck back in.

At least there’s coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. I’m gonna have to pee soon, so maybe this is serendipitous? Ah, well.

I did a bad thing this weekend. I got too invested in my son doing his homework. Also, his French teacher is ridiculous and keeps giving them assignments without the links to do them or directions and when the kids ask questions she doesn’t bother to respond. Anyway, I scared my 14 year old to the point where he asked me to take a break. In my defense, by the time my son finally discovered an example presentation on the school site, we realized that half of it was in Spanish. It’s a freaking French class.

Not my finest moment; my role should be relegated to shooting an email to his teacher if she doesn’t respond and if that doesn’t work, involving whoever she reports to. Anyway, I asked him to make me a list of assignments he can’t do without the link and to email his teacher and copy me. It’s just after 8:30 and now I just want to go back to bed. Or scream. Yep, I kind of want to scream.

I posted in the other thread that Mrs. L.A. turns her nose up at zucchini lasagna. So I made ‘zucchini casserole’ with layers of zucchini, Italian meat sauce, and ricotta cheese. She liked it. :stuck_out_tongue:

0705, and I’ve been connected to the orifice for 38 minutes. Loads of stuff in my inbox.

First load of curtains are washed and in the dryer. Second load in the washer. Painters are amazing! I’ll have to move soon since they’ve got to do the ceiling in here next. It won’t be much longer for phase 1 to be done…

Morning all. Slept until nearly 8am, so should be more or less recovered from the Saturday soccer stuff. Just got a note that team pictures are this Saturday, so need to organize that and also make up a map for the girls, who are traveling about 10-12 miles to another park for this week’s game.

talky, relax, from the sounds of it your 14-y.o. sounds like head is firmly attached to shoulders and you just need to be there to back him up. Hope your call beat your kidneys in responding.

nettie, the busing home? Hope the appointment for DH goes well.

FCM, yeah, painting can go quickly, surprised me when they did my house.

Haven’t had cake in a long time…will have to rectify that…

OW, congrats on your first MMP.

40% chance of rain and a high of 87F. Blurf. Need to make myself presentable and obtain sustenance from Jersey Mike’s and bananas from Publix.

All y’all have a good Moanday.

Unless DH chooses to pick me up, then yeah, coming home by bus. Ugh.

53ºF here now. Projected high is 69º. There’s a 5% chance of ran now, 10% this afternoon, and 40% this evening. We’re really hoping for rain. The air needs washing.

Happy Moonday!

It’s a nice and bright 66 degrees outside, high is supposed to be 79.

This morning has been off kilter so to speak.
I should have slept in since I could, but no, I took the dogs to the park.
I got Echo to the vet to be spayed today. I dropped Ripple off at day care while I was there.
It was next to impossible to get Echo out of the park this morning. Bella showed up with her new brother, Rocco, and all the dogs wanted to play. I thought taking her to the park first would wear her out a little, HA! Bella’s dad finally took the leash from me and got Echo out of the park for me. She surprises people with how strong she is and when she is excited there is no getting through to her.
I need to get her one of those blow up collars. I wasn’t told this last time but the tech said if she doesn’t have a collar they will insist on her wearing a cone. I don’t want a cone, they are clumsy and cumbersome and they don’t irk well with shar pei. Mackie got a nasty skin infection because the cone held in the water that collects in their wrinkles. Ripple never needed a cone, he left his stitches alone. I hope Echo will too but I guess a trip the the pet store is going to happen some time today.

I need to pick up groceries around 1. I have to call the permit people to come out and inspect the fence. I need to cancel a procedure appointment as I have nobody who can drive me there, wait until whenever, and then drive me home. Actually, not the total truth as my neighbor has a license and he will do it. But I’m postponing it anyway. I have a bunch of paper irk that needs to be done, set it aside and forgot about it. It needs to be done. I’m also shopping walk in tubs online. I hear you MetalMouse, could be expensive. There are tubs for under $2000, but then there is the labor. I’ll need new fixtures, but will be using the existing plumbing. Home Depot is having a sale on some of the tubs and if I use their credit card I can get %0 financing for 6? or 12? months. Free delivery too. I kind of want jets, but then people tell me they are trouble, so I may just get a plain old tub with nothing fancy. I know I sure as hell am not paying for fancy LED lights. I’m not looking to have a disco in my bath tub. I think my paint color is going to be ‘sea glass’

Good luck with the hat Doggio

I hope my lawn/fence guy paints as fast as your painters FCM. Somehow I doubt it, but one never knows. He replaced the shed roof in one day.

Cake sounds good, unless it’s fruitcake, or anything with coconut.
I’m hungry, but will be getting lunch from the grocery store.

I read your post as Velvetta Fruit Cake, Swampy. Ugh, yuk!