My wife & kids are missing...

They were driving from NC to NH. The last time I talked them was 6AM today, when they were ‘just outside’ of NYC (presumably on the NJ turnpike). She hasn’t answered her cell phone since.

It’s been 9.5 hours - plenty of time to get from NYC to Manchester, NH. Our insurance says no one called for emergency roadside assistance. The bank shows the last transaction at a cafe in NYC, where they probably stopped for breackfast or lunch or something. I can’t find any news stories about accidents involving a woman & 4 kids in an SUV on I-95 today.

I’ve left messages everywhere - email, voice mail, with her friends, etc. She probably just forgot the phone somewhere. She’s kind of a nut anyway, and has been known to fall off the face of the earth for a few hours at a time.

But I’m worried. What if it’s serious this time? Where the hell could they be?

I think I’m going to be sick…:frowning:

Take a deeeep breath man. They are fine I am sure. She may have lost her cell phone, heck even her whole purse.

Your wife and kids are in my prayers. I will ask travelling mercies for them. Please post ASAP when you hear from them!!

What’s the normal commute time? Never having driven that route, I can’t remember even though I’m a northeasterner.

Relax, though…thinking the worst so soon isn’t going to help you. It ocud be any number of things. For example, do you have a birthday coming up? Perhaps they stopped while you weren’t around to buy you gifts.

And maybe she’s just lost track of the time.

Please don’t worry yourself sick. And when she does show up, scold her a little and then give her a big hug.

I hope they’re calling as I’m typing this!

Remember no news is good news.

If something really bad happened you would be contacted.

Maybe her cell phone battery went dead, or maybe she has it on silent?

Breathe, Jim.

You’re probably right about her just leaving her phone somewhere, or it’s turned low so she isn’t hearing it. I do it all the time. Or the music in the car is up too loud. My husband does that all the time. Makes me crazy.

Relax a little. They’ll turn up. {{{{{Earthworm Jim}}}}}

I often react the same way when I can’t reach my husband or kid. And there’s always a perfectly reasonable explanation which leaves me looking like an overreacting lunatic.

I’m sure everything’s fine - maybe her phone battery died. Don’t make yourself too crazy in the meantime - easier said than done, for certain. I know it doesn’t help, but I know exactly how you feel. Hang in there…

Chances are overwhelming that the cell phones probably has a dead battery or is accidentally turned off. I have to deal with absent minded kids and other people who accienlty and sometimes deliberately-on-purpose turn the phone off and make themselves incommunicado. It’s frustrating and worrisome but the chances are that they are fine.

Maybe she left her phone on the road & turned around to go back for it.
It sounds like something my mom would do.
She probably figures you’ll go with the “no news is good news” theory.

Let us know when she turns up.

That roadside cafe you mentioned is probably where she left the cell phone.

Try not to worry too much (though if it were me I’d be worried sick) and please do let us know when she arrives.

Who is her cell phone carrier? I drove from North Carolina to Maine this past January. My carrier is Cingular, and there were large parts of Connecticut where I had no service – I couldn’t even pick up another network for roaming. My mom’s carrier is Alltel; she started roaming when we left NC, and had very bad roaming coverage for the entire trip.

As an aside - On the off chance the vehicle has Onstar or some similar GPS satellite location service you can ask the service provider to locate the car for you.

In her case, it’s rarely ‘reasonable’, but usually there’s an ‘uneventful’ explanation.

Like the time she was visiting a friend & told my mother she’d leave the friends house by 7PM. Well, midnight rolled around & she hadn’t come back. So my mother calls the friends house, and she says “What? No, she left hours ago!!”

My wife turned up around 1 or 2 am. The explanation - she’d decided to stop at Wal-Mart on the way home & lost track of time.

Not to imply that she should report in every second of the day - but really, how many hours can you spend in Wal-Mar? With 4 kids aged 11 & under?? And is it too much to ask for a freakin phone call??? When you’re hours overdue, is it unreasonable for me to expect some kind of “Hey, everything’s under control, don’t worry about it!”

Ahh crap.

Thanks, guys…

I’m a worrier too, and I’d be just as panicked and sick as you are. It always turns out to be nothing though.

Given the parts of NY, CT, MA, and NH that they could be traveling through, I’m guessing she just didn’t have cell service for a while. It’s usually good on the highways, but there are hills and stuff that block the signal sometime. She probably didn’t hear the call because there wasn’t a signal and then hasn’t looked at the phone to see she has voicemail.

But I’ll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts just in case.

Have you been able to contact anyone at her destination? If it gets to be late in the evening try the state police. Just relax and try not to think bad things. I know, impossible, isn’t it? :slight_smile: Do your best. We’re all thinking about you.

One more thing to check is if there is any construction going on in that area that may cause delays. That one has bitten me more than once.

My fingers are crossed for you and them.

I feel your pain, man. I’ll be waiting to hear, too.

I feel your pain- I’m a worrier, too, and tend to conjure up worst-case scenarios.

But she’s probably accidentally turned the phone off, left it in that cafe, dropped it in the car, or turned it to “silent”.