My world

Grass is in my world but plants are not. Books are in my world but magazines are not. Feet are in my world but hands are not. What else is in my world?

Balls and frisbees but not bats or discs.

Qazzz is, but neither LifeOnWry nor I are.

Can I bring Pizza?

Awwww shucks you guys are so smart!!!

My kitty fluffy is in my world but not dumb people!

Only if it has cheese.

Damn it, looks like I’m not invited. :slight_smile:

I LOVE THIS GAME. I have had many people going for hours because they didn’t understand the rules of my world. Moving on…

Wool and cotton are in my world, but silk and lycra are not.

Floors are in my world, but carpet is not.

Bippy is in your world, but I am not.
I don’t believe there is any pizza, but there may be some pizzas?

Super Gnat is not in your world, but Sarafina Pekkala (a name I go by some other places) is.

Ferrets are in your world, but weasels are not. :slight_smile:

aaaaaarrgg is in your world :slight_smile:

so are cheetas. no lemurs though.

I know a bookkeeper who wants to join your world Qazzz

Ah yes. I remember this world. I believe it was in the valley of green glass doors?

Anyway, I’ll bring the cookies.

MissTake is in your world, swimming (although there isn’t any water) and shopping in malls (that so not have any stores)

I’m not in your world but I’m confused because I thought there was pizza. With pepperoni, cheese and mushrooms, but no ham or olives.

There’s a pool for swimming, but no spa. Possibly a hot-tub, but I’m not quite sure.

People go skiing, but they don’t have skis. You live in a weird world.

I think they make an exception for people from Kalamazoo and anyone near “the middle of the mitten.”

For those who claim to be in my world…


no such thing as rent.