Mystery Rash, Are You Ready For Your Mystery Rash?

It’s back. Any of you old-timers remember this? Out of nowhere my face looked (and felt) like I was a 2nd-degree burn victim. Four doctors, lab tests, no one could figure it out. One cheerful soul told me, “Well, if if spreads to your throat or your brain, you’ll die” (his partner told me, “Oh, he says that to everyone”).

I managed to get an emergency 3:00 app’t. with my dermatologist and he said, “oh, MY,” gave me industrial-strength hydrocortisone cream, some kind of pills, told me to go home, “throw away everything in your bathroom, don’t go out, don’t let anything touch your face.”

He still doesn’t know what the hell it is or what causes it, but says, “I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t start getting better tomorrow,” probably because he saw I was on the verge of hysterics. I think–hope!–I caught it quickly enough, whatever the hell it is.

I am just so scared I’m going to spend the next two months looking like The Phantom of the Opera again. AND NOT BEING ABLE TO WEAR LIPSTICK. Jesus, I don’t even know if I’m allowed to eat anything!

Wish me luck–just took 3 valium and a sleeping pill, I’m still shaking.

“Alex, I’ll take “Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Patient” for $1000.”

If anybody asks how you got the rash, in a scary, rough voice, say, “The salmon mousse!”

“Mystery Rash”

Why am I imagining a new board game by Milton Bradley?

dingdong “Ooh! It’s here!”

One of the (many) times I had an allergic reaction, my doctor looked at the rash – which is VERY much like a chemical burn – and said “Oo, neat!” :rolleyes:

What are the pills he/she gave you? Are you on any other meds? I remember the last time you mentioned this, but not the details.

I have severe contact allergies, so if any fragrance touches my skin, I will end up with a rash that is also very similar to a second degree burn (blisters and such). If affects my face and hands slightly differently though.

Face, shmace. You have Valium. You shouldn’t have a care in the world.
Seriously, what kind of stuff has your doc experi- I mean prescribed to you in the past? I have a friend who gets “red face” due to a… well, a…

[whisper] fungus [/whisper].

He got a bottle of Nizoral shampoo and it cleared right up. Just a thought. I do hope you get your usual creamy complexion back soon, dear.

Eve,** Eve**, Eve,** Eve**, Eve.

Holiday blues, arrogant doctors, defunct optimists, crumbling floors, and now a mystery rash?

Eve, I’m going to tell you something. You may not want to hear it, but my motives are entirely friendly. I rarely give advice, but … are you ready? Are you paying attention with an open mind? Here goes:

Put. The sarcophagus. Back. In the tomb.

I’d help, but I have to rake leaves this weekend.

(I hope you feel better soon,** Eve**. Best regards and wishes.)

You don’t happen to have a wacky neighbor witha meat slicer, do you? If so, chuck your washcloth . . .

Much sympathy. I get mild rosacea when I’ve been out in the cold and that’s enough of a pain in the ass. Yours sounds much worse. Take care and I hope it clears up soon!

I am totally amazed that someone got into see a dermatologist so quickly.

YIKES, IANAD but if the drug the Dr. gave you is a benadryl type you might want to be cautious about taking Valium too. You might get a little tooooo sleepy. Link:

Get better, take care, I really like your posts :cool:

My face is intensely allergic to just about everything. Anything with suncreen or vitamin E in it will swell my eyes shut in minutes. The only things that touch my face anymore are Cetaphil facial wash and Neutrogena hypo-allergenic moisturizer. A couple of times in the past when I was visiting someone and showering, I’d mindlessly think, “Oh, look, facial wash, fructified with essence of some fruit!”, and within a hour the red splotches and itching would start. Prednisone works for me, especially if I take it immediately upon realizing I’ve fucked up. I keep a couple in my overnight case always.

I truly sympathize. If the reaction is allowed to take over, the redness and peeling can last a month.

I am never leaving my apt. w/o a pill and some of that cream, as a security blanket. It’s still red & tingly & itchy, but not spreading and a bit better than yesterday. I’m staying home, as we still don’t now what the hell this IS, so I don’t know if it’s contagious! (It’s not shingles, that’s the first thing they tested for.)

I’ll have to make an emergency cat-food run to the 7/11 two blocks away–everyone there looks diseased, anyway, I’ll fit right in. I’ll be back at work Monday, WITH NO MAKEUP ON (I’ll wear a name tag so people will know who I am).

I think someone caught the Christmas Spirit.

In my little world, that’s the point!.

Feel better, dear. And if you decide you have too much valium, well…you know the drill. I’ll be waiting anxiously by the mailbox.

No makeup?? NO MAKEUP?!! I don’t believe I’ve done that in 25 years. Let me know how that works out for ya, OK? (Wishing I could do that…'t ain’t gonna happen. Not in this lifetime!)

Don’t worry, Eve will probably go in one of those hats with a veil, and look like a glamorous spy.

Are you ready for the mystery rash?
Why don’t you tell me 'bout the mystery rash?
Why don’t you tell me cause I tried and I tried and I’m still mystified…

Sorry. Bout the bad Elvis reference and the rash.

Speaking of things your doctor shouldn’t say…

I was at the dentist some months ago. He’d done a root canal on a molar, and had to essentially rebuild most of the tooth with amalgam. He was taking the mold off the tooth when I felt a very gentle crack and he said, very softly, “Gosh darn it.” The amalgam had broken and he had to drill the rest of it back out, put in another temporary filling, and make another appointment.

He’s still the best dentist I’ve ever had, though. He gave me Motrin for the initial root canal, and I didn’t even need it.

Eve IS a glamourous spy. And you just blew her cover! No wonder she got a rash, she’s not used to the exposure.

Eve is not a spy! She is actually a Javanese princess who dances provocatively under the nom de danse Eye of the Dawn. How could such a person be a spy?

I don’t know how I am going to do this. My doctor made me throw out all my moisturizer, sunscreen, powder, lipstick, in case it was a bacterial infection, and I am not allowed to let anything but Ivory soap (it floats!) touch my lily-white pan for a week. Not even a kicky veil (I mean, how could a veil on a sixty-year-old cocktail hat have bacteria on it?)

I will just have to wear my hair Veronica Lake style. Or Cousin Itt style.

–Mata Machree (The Woman No Man Can Resist)