Name that font?

I like this font and would love to add it to my repertoire… but I’ve never seen this before and wonder what the heck the font’s called.
Here are a couple of samples:

Anybody see this one before?

There will be a half-zillion variations of this font–or any other–under as many names.

It will take some time, but if you search for “fonts, free” you should be able to find it, or something very close.

This might help:

I tried it. Unless I made a huge mistake, I didn’t get the font asked for in the OP.

I’m assuming you’re looking for the white font, not the yellow, right? They’re not the same.

I’m not a font expert by any stretch, but it looks like a cheap homebrew font to me. It just looks like a visual mess to me. (And, yes, those are clearly two fonts).