Name that Monkey!

From here:

Current bid is $25,000, so I don’t think you’ll be seeing any Lendervedder Monkeys scratching their asses with coconuts anytime soon. Pity that.


Ah ha! And they called me mad when I won the lotterey, but held all the money in a savings account, untouched for 10 years for just such an investment opportunity as this!

Ladies and gentleman, I am about to buy the rights to name that animal “The Crunchy Monkey”!

The merchandising will get my money back in no time! Crunchy Monkey action figures, Crunchy Monkey transformers (which change into a crunchy frog, obviously), Crunchy Monkey animated Saturday morning TV show, Crunchy Monkey Holiday Specials, Crunchy Monkey breakfast cereal, Crunchy Monkey candy bars…

It’s a gold mine I tell you! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!!!