Okay, there’s a song and I don’t know the name of it or how to describe it well (which stinks because I can hum it just fine). The chorus is something like “I’ll be right here right here right here still waiting for you.” I think it’s a relatively new song, like within the last few years. It’s a guy singing. It comes on radio stations sometimes – that’s how I know of it – but I don’t listen to the radio much so I don’t know how often it plays.

I can’t really specify more, sorry. :frowning:

Is it this?

It’s not recent, but there’s “I’ll be right here waiting for you” by Richard Marx

No, that’s nothing like it.

I think the guy’s playing a guitar.

Naw, Wendell, that isn’t it either.

“Right here” by Staind?

No, it’s much slower and quieter than that, but it gets relatively loud in the chorus.

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Try looking hereat this page where you type in the melody. Here’s a more general page. You can even use a link where you hum the tune into your computer mic.

That lyric is kind of an old standby and the first thing I thought of was the already meantioned song by Mr. Mr. Marx. How about Wait for You by Elliott Yamin?

Any chance it’s “Waiting” by Thomas Fiss? Doesn’t have the exact line, but repeats “Right here waiting” several times.