Name The Goldfish!

SO just built his very first Macquarium, and we’ve got two little goldfish to inhabit it. We can’t seem to come up with any names, so I thought I’d throw it to the group.

Background: Our previous fish were Horace, Gerald and Tom, so we were kind of leaning towards girls names for this duo (though we’re open to negotiation on that). Our other pets are two cats named Muffin and PC (Psycho Cat - she came with the name). Their tank is a Macquarium - a Mac Plus converted into a fish tank. SO has a bunch of Mac Pluses, and they sell for less than they cost to post, so he’s decided to convert them into fishtanks. Well, why not!

Suggested names so far include Lisa (after the Apple Lisa), Geraldine (in tribute to our earlier fish) and Zorda (one of those words my SO regularly makes up). Help us! We need your input!!

And this post is just because I forgot to activate email notification :slight_smile:

The first pets I ever had were two goldfish.

I had a cute little blue one and a red one, and I was about 5.

Their names were Batman and the Flash (respectively). Follow my example at your own risk.

Sushi and Wassabi
Eva and Zsa-Zsa
Spike and Fluffy

Gallactus and Sprinkterius

Bob and Kohler

Name one of 'em Cranky, and the other one Shortcake.

Mods, may as well close this thread. You just can’t do any better than those two.

Well, okay, one more suggestion. Lucy and Joanne.

Scylla and Charybdis

Björn and Agnetha,
from ABBA, if someone didn’t know.:slight_smile:

Cap’n January and Curly Top
Undertaker and Kane
Audrey and Jane (Meadows)
Jayne (Mansfield) and Marilyn (Monroe)
Terminator and Terminator II
Paper and Plastic
Klorthax and Zingor
Yogi and Boo-Boo
Godzilla and Mothra
Meg and Jennifer (Tilly)
George and Dubya
Tom and Nicole
Penelope Pitstop and Dick Dastardly
Space Ghost and Zorak
Lassie and Rin-Tin-Tin
Shamu and Flipper
<whew> I’m all in!

How about Jobs and Wozniak?

Silence and Rule :slight_smile:

Jeg elsker dig, Thomas


For one of them, how about Eric? Yes, as in Eric the half-bee…that’s how Jester named his five foot catfish. :slight_smile:

How about Oreo and Hydrox?

Weren’t the 2 goldfish that Bart Simpson killed with the yo yo called Stinky and Wrinkles?

How about Nymph and Naiad?

seeing as its a macquarium:

bondi and blue
jobs and woznack (sp?)
performa and mac

Castor and Pollux

Well…I would probably go for 641 (goldfish from Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Survivor) & 642.

But for more traditional names…Christina is a cool name. Shirley is a cute name, and the other could be Jack (just watched The Apartment with Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemon). Fred and Ginger, George and Ira, Benjamin and Mrs. Robinson, Batman and Robin, and of course…Jay and Silent Bob. :smiley:

Bait and Chum? :smiley:

::g, d & r::

Thanks, everyone, for your most excellent suggestions! We’ve talked it over, thrown the girly name idea away, and decided to go with Joby and Wozza, in tribute to two geek Gods. :slight_smile:

For the record, I also liked the Simpson’s reference from fenrir, and the Monty Python reference from Zoggie, and the huge list of cool potential names from Grizzrich, and I think everyone who participated should take a moment to pat themself on the back. A job well done! :smiley: