Name that fish!

So I got a new betta today and I’m completely smitten with it! It’s just so beautiful and is so friendly just like the very first one I had! I love how he follows where I go across his tank, and he chases my finger when I hold it close :smiley: My others I never had a problem with naming, it just seemed like they were supposed to have that name, but with this one I’m stuck. I want it to be perfect, something that clearly mirrors its beauty and elegance.

So I submit this to the great minds of the Dope, Name that fish! :smiley:

Please name him after my old Betta, Og rest his soul… Snuggles.




Abe Vigoda



First, because it’s a tough sounding name, and what fishie is tougher than a Betta?

Second, because it’s the name of the Giant that protected Hera. He had a thousand eyes, so he could watch over her. While he slept, some of his eyes always remained open. When he was killed, she took his eyes and placed them in the tail of the peacock. Peacocks were thereafter sacred to Hera, and wandered her temples at will. And your beauty reminds me of peacock feathers.

Darwin the WhyBetta says, “Blurb, bubble, bubble bloop!” :wink:





I’d probably just call him Peacock, though.


Yay, great suggestions! And thanks WhyNot, that tidbit there made a pleasant start to my morning :slight_smile:

I think the top contenders are Argus, Peacock, and Azul (my best friend’s suggestion)




I really like WhyNot’s suggestion, and I realize this doesn’t meet your criteria for elegance, but I will nevertheless submit the name I gave my first betta: Sid Fishious.

A friend had a betta he named Pla (“fish” in Thai), and since they **are **Siamese fighting fish…why not?

(I like your other suggestions, though!)



It has been decided! He shall from this day forth be known as Argus, protector of the apartment!

Heh, kinda makes me Hera now huh? :D;)

As a nod to my betta’s glorious color, I named mine Versace.
I also have a Crowntail Betta, and in appreciation of his fringe, I named him Hendrix.