What should I name my new fish?

One of the burning questions of our time: “What should I name my new cube pet?” It is a betta fish. Current names submitted by colleagues:

Moby, La Bamba, Poisson, Fins, Sinker, Guido

What say the masses?

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Alpha. Alpha the betta.

No? How about

Soonah. Soonah the betta.

You? You betta. When he dies, he can be You betta not.


You can pretend it’s Hawaiian.

I concur with Mo. If it’s a blue fish, you can call it mo betta blues.

Off to IMHO.




I think you should call him Much. Much Betta. :slight_smile: And if he has a brother, Even.

Ender says you should call it Killer. Or, failing that, Killer Belly (because according to me, fish love receiving belly rubs. They swim up to the tank, turn over, and let you rub to your heart’s content).

Penis Wrinkle

masta - betta

Darwin the fish? Or the Truth betta?

Vince Gill

More suggestions (tip: you get more replies if you offer money :))



I withdraw this suggestion as it would doubtlessly wear out it’s welcome pretty quickly and instead suggest the two that follow

  1. ‘Cold-blooded creature with which I live a lie’ which can be shortened to a simple ‘Coldie’ based on a great Kids in the Hall sketch

  2. ‘Icky’ in order to honor its Ictho-American heritage.

Why would you name a fish? Is it going to come when you call? :wink:

My wife and took this reasoning when we bought our cat. He was simply cat. We told people we had named him after the character on Red Dwarf but really it all seemed rather pointless to us. I miss cat <sniff>.


This is the name I always suggest when people ask me what they should name their pets. No one ever acts upon my suggestion. You have the chance to be the first. Exciting, no?

Sushi. Then you get get more fish and name them with the same theme: Sashime, Wasabi, Ginger, etc.

I had two fish: Telephone Directory and Spoon.

Whatever you do, do NOT name your fish these names.
I wanted to be original you see. Just warning you.