What should I name my new fish?

If it don’t come when you call it, it ain’t worth naming.


Name it Gato.

Ah ha! It’s not just me, then. I don’t name fish. They are simply known as the collective “the fish.” Well, there was one fish my brother insisted on calling Herb, so it was Herb and his tankmates were still “the fish.”


Mr. Limpet, of course.

Country Joe.

(The six of you who got that are invited over to Casa Flodnak for a beer tonight.)

Well its one, two, three, what are we fightin’ for?
I don’t know, I don’t give a damn
The next stop is Vietnam

I’m not much of a beer drinker, but a Scotch and water with a twist would be appreciated.

Professor Fuzznuts


Prof1 “do you like Kippling?”
Prof2 “Dunno, how do you Kipple?”



(F for fish)


Here am I thinking I’m posting on an almost recent thread, THEN I realise you Mad Americans do the Date Thing!

Red Fish. Then, when you get a second fish, name that Blue Fish. The goal is to have one fish two fish red fish blue fish.

[sub]I’ll go away now.[/sub]


I also enjoyed Country Joe. I think flodnak owes me beer.

I have had two fishes named Fat Albert and Fat Tony. Each died within a week of being bought and placed in the tank. I don’t really have an idea for a new name but I highly sugest NOT to put “Fat” in front of it.

Poe, short simple to the point

Well, most of my bettas over the years have had the name Sterling.

Then I had more than one, so his name was Deacon.

And another, whose name was Ripley.

Then I had a mint green one, and his name was Lumen.

I also like Spectre, Elvis, Maestro, Jagger (bettas have big lips) and Boo.

Most of my bettas have been named and been long-lived. But if I name a goldfish, you might as well start building its little casket. It WILL die.

I’ve got some care info on bettas on one of my pages if you want to check it out. Especially if you have one of those ‘betta gardens’.


hands on hips
so, um, what DID you name it?

When my husband calls me at the office, he asks, “How’s La Bamba?” By default, the fish has been named.

I once visited a site called “Wu are you?” At the site, you enter your name and it returns your Wu Tang Clan name. I was “Dubious Masta-batah X.” I have not yet tried that for the fish, but I am looking into it.

Some of you asked, “Why name a fish?” Sometimes, thinking about the fish is a very welcome distraction from work. Why NOT name a fish? Beats the hell out of proposal writing most of the time…

I like La Bamba. Cute!
I was going to suggest Flotsam or Jetsam. Maybe I’ll
go get two so I can use the names!
Once my roommate and I got a goldfish. I wanted to
name him Frampton. She insisted on Dagwood. Big discussion.
Result? Worlds first hyphenated goldfish, Frampton-Dagwood.
He lived all of 3 days.

How about Betty bought a bit 'o betta?
or else Jeronimo, obviously.

or maybe Rover? Woof? Spot?

stevie feathers