Name THIS song from an incredibly vague description

There’s this song that was used in a production of “Polaroid Stories” that I worked on earlier this semester and the director had one of the characters sing this, “Yellow Buttercup, Helicopter, Orange butter cats chasing after, crazy bee; Mad about somebody.” and then “Me and My girlfriend, don’t wear no shoes, her nose is a painted pepper sunlight.”
Does anyone have a clue?

“Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come. Operation t-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday, man you should’ve seen the (something, something) Edgar Allan Poe”

So the song I’m talking about is a beatles song?

Ah yes, I Am The Walrus. Nice try, but I don’t think that’s the song the OP is looking for.

BTW, Moe’s quoted lyrics go:
Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come. Operation t-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday, man you should’ve seen the penguins kicking Edgar Allan Poe.

That Lennon, what a card. :smiley:

Summertime Rolls by Jane’s Addiction
So, what did I win? :slight_smile:

No, Poe was dive-bombed by ravens.
There is an elementary or Parliamentary penguin in IAtheW, singing Hare Krishna. It is not provable that the “'em” who were kicking Poe were penguins.
(Some say, “corporation t-shirt”.)

I’m currently downloading a song called “summertime rolls” on napster…I hope this is the right song.

Thanks! Right song, wrong band. Its really a Pixies song, that was covered by Jane’s Addiction, but thanks though!

Funny, I always thought that violent Catholics were assaulting Poe. You know, nuns. :smiley:

Anyway, mondegreens are forgivable seeing as how the lyrics are nonsensical.

(I like your lyrics better, by the way. Poe being attacked by ravens makes (marginally) more sense than him being attacked by either penguins or nuns.)

“She sing a song and I listen to what it says
If you want a friend feed any animal ohoh
There was so much space I cut me a piece with some fine wine
Brought peace to my mind in the summertime, and it rolls.”

Jane’s addiction – summertime rolls.

I really need to go to napster now.


The words to that line in “I Am The Walrus” goes as follows:

“Elementary penguins, singing Hare Krishna, boy you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allen Poe”

elementary might be parliamentary, I no longer have a copy of the White album… too many moves…

I think you’ve got it. I’ve been too lazy to look up the lyrics myself (even with my CD box set with a lyrics booklet inside within spittin’ distance) but what you wrote sounds like the nonsense chant we’ve been attempting to quote.

This is an interesting tangent, seeing as how the song the OP was interested in has no connection whatever to the Beatles.

Yeah, but I guess I should’ve given my post “[/hijack]” markings.

Anyway, thanks Jim for settin’ us straight but don’t you mean Magical Mystery Tour or is this another one of those English/American release disparities?

“Parliamentary” makes more sense to me as an image, but the lyrics I’ve seen say “elementary” too. I always thot it was only 1 penguin, so I never suspected him of kickin Poe- I thot somebody just had in in for him- drug addict and all that.

“Summertime Rolls in a circular motion…”
-Poppin’ Fresh