Nancy Grace is on the Cable NEWS Network?

In what twisted reality does anything that comes out of Nancy Grace’s mouth come anywhere close to something that can be described as news? Why does the Cable News Network give this woman prime time hours to spew bilge and bathwater. It was on at my gym yesterday and there was nonstop drivel about this girl who’s missing in Aruba. I mean, WTF is this? Not only is there absolutely no news value in it, but not once during a whole hour did anyone on the show offer any new information. What is going on here?

I guess you haven’t heard…

NBC, CNN Announce Merger



FWIW, I believe she was supposed to be WNBC’s answer to O’Reilly. They can’t out-bloviate him so their going to try to out-shrill him.

It’s a bit like throwing gasoline on the fire of infotainment that passes for news reporting.

I don’t get it. Is she being interviewed, or is she the host of a new show.

Who is Nancy Grace, anyway?


She’s the host of a show named after herself on CNN Headline News.

During the Michael Jackson trial, she repeatedly declared that Jackson was obviously guilty and after the jury acquitted him, she proceeded to question the jury’s intelligence. She “interviewed” the jury foreman basically by haranguing him while he tried to assure her that there was a legal standard that the jury tried to apply conscienciously.


Well as someone (Stephen Colbert?) once said, at least this keeps her out of the courtroom, where she could do real harm.

Just saw her on Larry King–what a meeting of the minds that was–and God is she annoying.

What’s the question?

I’m asking the questions, Mr. King!


Who likes watching this kind of thing? Gack.

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