Natalie Holloway alive?

Sorry, no cite…but a co-worker told me that she read something about this. It goes as follows: Natalie wound up in Columbia, and started a new life, married to a columbian guy. She now has a child, and plans on staying in Columbia. As to why she never contacted her family, who knows?
This would explain why:
-no trace of her was ever found in Aruba
-when Joran Vander Sloat contacted her mother (he offered to tell where Natalie’s body was), the place he indicated came up empty
Has anyone heard of this, or is this a typical “National Inquirer” type story?

This pretty much sums it up.

And there’s no such place as “Columbia.”

That makes… perfect sense. However, she simultaneously exists in Columbia and yet doesn’t in our reality thanks to all the Tears in Columbia. Arrest the Lutece siblings immediately!

Of course not. It burned up on reentry in 2003.

There is, actually. (I was born there.)

Its in the Smithsonian in Washington D.C

And, in Missouri. As well as a whole District of it around the nation’s capitol.

Schrodingers- Natalie?

It’s all part of her deep cover. She changed her name from Natalee to Natalie, then changed the country name from Colombia to Columbia. No way anyone finds her now.

Man, you went to the dark place…

Steve Harvey tried to reveal the truth but They got to him.

There was a recent incident of a woman who had disappeared and was believed to have been murdered being found. But it wasn’t Natalee Holloway.

A 24 year old German woman, Petra Pazsitka, disappeared in 1984. A year later, a man who had been convicted of another murder confessed that he had also killed Pazsitka.

But three months ago, Pazsitka was found. She is alive and has been living under the name Schneider. She has not stated why she chose to disappear.

So perhaps the OP’s friend heard some version of this story in which the identity of the woman who had been found was mistakenly changed.