National Review endorses Ted Cruz

No surprise that the conservative magazine that put out an entire issue Against Trump endorses the only candidate who still has a remote chance of defeating Trump.

Well, the “Stop Trump” issue didn’t. So I suspect the “Elect Cruz” issue won’t

Cruz is the most electable conservative in the race, although he’s electable only because his likely opponent is going to have a pretty horrible approval rating. Although Cruz himself has taken a nose dive in approval.

I think Cruz is the most predictable of Hillary’s potential general election opponents – he’ll have very little chance of appealing to anyone but strongly conservative voters, and based on his record will be incredibly easy to paint as an extremist. He’d win the Deep South/SC/AR/TN/KY/WV, Texas/OK/corn belt, and Big Sky states + Alaska, and maybe Indiana and Missouri, and have a chance at NC, and that’s about it. He’d be lucky to break 170 electoral votes, in my opinion (barring something big changing).

I think the wild card with Cruz is turnout. Normally I don’t buy the “low turnout benefits Republicans” argument, but I think in Cruz’s case it’s spot on. Clinton’s got to get people to the polls, and at least in the primaries, when she’s actually threatened, it’s not really happening. Meanwhile, Republicans are enthused, and Cruz is actually good if you’re wanting to maximize base turnout.