Natural Ice is the best beer around

Yeah thats right. I have probably tried 20 beers in my life. That doesn’t make me a connoisseur but i have tried some of the ‘good’ beers like heinekens and guinness as well as the blue collar beers like Bud or Coors and Natural Ice is still the best tasting, least bitter, and smoothest of them all. And its cheap, $1.19 for a 32oz bottle. Viva life.

Ya know, when you are going to make a joke that funny, you really should give a guy a little warning!

I am a big fan of the cheap american beer. That dark fancy stuff tastes wrong to me.

Took me a while to figure out what you were talking about. I know it says “Natural Ice” on the can, but the true name of the beer is “Natty Ice.” I put down more than my far share of those while I was in college. During that time, I discovered that if you shove a piece of lime into the can, it tastes remarkably like Corona, or, I suppose, like any other cheap beer with a lime in it.

Natty never was my favorite, but it’s a pretty good beer for the price.

That stuff makes me fart.

There is no joke, Natural Ice is a really good beer. Natural Ice is what Gods urine probably tastes like. Normal beer just tastes like regular urine.


Please give it the proper respect and call it Natural.

I definitely prefer Natural Light. Ice is cheaper per unit alcohol, but I find it tastes pretty bad most of the time. If I’m looking for just cheap, I’ll drink Olde English, as I prefer it’s taste to Natural Ice or any of the malt liquors. Light comes into play when I want something cheap but I don’t want to drink quarts. And its taste is neutral, while even Olde English tastes slightly bad to me. Of course, I treat myself to a nice import every so often, but I generally remain budget-concious when drinking large quantities of alcohol.

I will not disagree with you on any point here. I will however, request that you either record this statement, or at least document this beer as being “the best” in your opinion.

History will speak for itself.

Good Og man, either go with Natty Ice on the cheap, or go with some Molson XXX, (%7.3 alcohol) when you treat yourself.

Heinekens!? F**k that sh*t! PABST BLUE RIBBON!

~ Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth in BLUE VELVET

I can’t believe no one got to it before me! Yay!

Just curious…How old are you?
Natty Ice was good beer back in high school/college when I couldn’t afford anything else. It also gets you drunk quicker.
Heineken is not good beer, but they market well.

If you want to get drunk and don’t like the taste of beer…Natty ice is for you.
If you like beer, my current favorites are Yeungling, Guiness(tap only), Boddingtons(tap only), and for a lite beer Sam Adams lite

If you still think Heineken is a good beer, then you have much learning to do. Heineken is considered a crap beer by many, like Bud and Coors. They have their place, like having one after mowing the lawn, but rice sugar does not belong in beer, in my opinion.

Guinness, on the other hand, is a good stout. But you have to like stout to like Guinness. For someone who has only had 20 beers, I wouldn’t expect you to like Guinness. Give that some time.

If the OP really wants to try good beer and doesn’t like bitterness, IMHO he should start with the “lighter” ales like JW Dundee’s Honey Brown Ale (or Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss if that’s available) and work from there. Maybe try a nice Pilsner Urquell, or a Hacker Pschorr Weiss. Samuel Adams makes some lighter ales as well, like their current Summer Ale (IIRC) and a Weiss. Heineken is skunky, overpriced, and stale.

I went from hating beer due to my college experiences with the crap served at house parties, to not only enjoying beer but brewing my own as well as enjoying good beers from microbreweries or certain imported beers. My favorite style probably has to be the Belgian witbier, and my own favorite to brew is a copy of a particular Belgian ale - it’s a witbier with honey added, coming out at 9% alcohol by volume. Mmm, damned fine stuff.

The OP made me cry. :frowning: I realize that everyone’s taste is their own, but to hear anyone refer to Natty as good beer, even in jest (which the OP then assured us he was not doing), actually brought a tear to my eyes. The best beer around? If I was handed one for free I still wouldn’t drink it.

Damn your asses, probably sitting on your state of the art computers, watching Plasma TV and drinking wine that doesn’t come with a screw on top. Well i’m sorry my tastes are lowbrow but i have sampled many introductory beers (ie beers you can get at a supermarket or liquor store. nothing microbrewed or foreign) and Natural Ice is still the best.

I’m 25.

I’ve had honey brown ale, it was worse than Natural Ice.

Guinness is still no good IMO. Maybe to wash the car with or to use the bottles for target practice with a bb gun but i wouldn’t drink it.

(PS i am not an alcoholic in case anyone wonders. But from trying different beers over the last 4 years i have found this one is the least bitter).

A friend of mine watched my house for me while I was on vacation. He left me 1 Natural Ice in the fridge. This was over a month ago and it’s still there. Unless he comes over in the very near future it will be poured down the drain. I love beer but it doesn’t qualify as such.

Wes, if all beer tastes like urine to you, maybe starting a “best beer” thread isn’t such a good idea. :dubious:

There are no ‘good’ beers the same way pepsi is a good beverage. There are just beers that are tolerable enough to drink to get to the ethanol. Its like if you break the law and get the best plea bargain you can get, hardly a triumph but still a success in its own right.

Well, it is cheap ($10/case round here) and does mess you up. And its better than “Miesterbrau”.

Wes, please try a Newcastle or at least a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale before extolling the Natural with “Best”. Hell, I’ll even buy you one! (but you gotta come up here! :wink: )