NBC's Heroes canceled


We won’t even get a wrap up. :smack:

It’s okay, it’s looking like Lost won’t either.


nice idea, but terrible execution. i wonder if it can be rebooted.

Wait, Heroes was still on the air?! Wow. NBC must be seriously desperate.

what has NBC got to replace Heroes?

most of us who watched Heroes’ last season know the product was bad but seriously will the replacement fare any better? They should’ve at least let them finish off whatever storylines that needed to be answered and give them like half a season or something.

They might.

There’s only one thing I want to see: Molly planting an axe in Sylar’s “I’m a good guy now, really, I’m not evil, hey, why are you swinging an axe- OWWWW!” face. That kid deserves some catharsis. Also, she’s great at the hormonal rage screaming, it’ll be fun!

So, add another show to my “If Annie likes it, it’s getting cancelled” list:[ul]
[li]Angel[/li][li]Enterprise[/li][li]The Inside (hell, I think that made it a whole 4 eps)[/li][li]Kings[/li][li]Heroes[/li][li]Dollhouse[/li][/ul]
Sorry Fringe and Caprica, apparently you’re next in the tumbrels :smiley:

The only TV show (that is still making new episodes) I actually like just got canceled. Well that sucks.

I loved Journeyman. NBC got rid of that after one season but they at least let them end that one season with some sort of decent finale.

Was NBC working off the residue rage from the “Quantum Leap” ending by doing that?

Oops, forgot another one on my death-touch list- Life.

not sure about the residual rage, but I think Journeyman had it all filmed for season 1 and they just did a reshoot and tweaked the season finale to become a series finale.

My wife has complained that she’s the kiss of death for shows for years, including:

  • Nowhere Man
  • The Sentinel (heck, she got that one cancelled twice)
  • The Magnificent Seven
  • The Invisible Man
  • Farscape
  • Stargate Atlantis

Somehow, she has yet to get Supernatural cancelled. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know it was a dumb show, but I wanted to see what was going on!

I loved seasons one and two. The rest were jut awful. I’m glad it’s finally getting put down.

So much potential.

First episode: Hiro goes back in time to the start of Season Two and diverts the timeline.

I loved the first season. Since then, I’ve been watching solely because my husband likes it. IMHO this is a mercy killing.

Yes, it was bad. True, it mostly looked like the writers were doing the plotlines by picking them out of a hat, but it was the “so bad it’s good” show I needed so desperately since Alias got axed.

Na, episode 2 would have someone else go back a year before him and blah blah something about time travel.

Then in episode 3 we’d find out it was all a dream.

Then in episode 4 we’d find out it wasn’t really Hiro, it was actually Sylar who went back…in the dream.

Then in episode 5 we’d find out that Hiro was actually a bad guy, pretending to be a good guy, pretending to be a bad guy, pretending to be a horse.

It was a good show that should have had a clear ending after season 2.

Good riddance. Heroes had half of one good season, and has been LAME ever since. I’m surprised it made it THIS far - by the time it made it to season 3, it was unbearable.

I’m disappointed it never regained its full potential, but wishing “This season will be good!” is a fool’s errand.

I was really annoyed hearing Law & Order was canceled but this hadn’t been, but at least it’s both of them… which is a bummer for me, but I’d be really mad if I had to do without L&O but suffer through more Clair and Sylar wangst instead of tension and drama and suspense.

I was probably not going to watch if it was renewed anyway.

I guess what I’m saying is I wish it were coming back and being GOOD, but since it was probably more of the same, it’s a mercy kill.