NCIS 2/22 Kill Screen

Finally! A decent episode! With that cute girl from “Leverage.”

Except for the part where Gibbs stops the computer by shooting the fucking monitor.

My GF and I both yelled at the TV during that scene!

Yeah that was very irritating. I was surprised after last week’s team breakup foreshadowing this ended up being a drop-in episode that could have appeared at any time.

That just shows how awesome he is.

It was like a James Bond movie. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

Somewhat factual question - aren’t the Pentagon’s main computers physically seperated from the Internet at large? making such an attack (love the visual of the Pentagon rings being virtual firewalls) basically impossible?

And everyone knows that the monitor is where the info is - I can see it right there!

In Gibbs defense, the pan through of the room prior to his last shot showed that he’d pretty much blown the crap out of the actual computer. That screen coming back to life was just messing with him - and you don’t mess with Gibbs.