Necco may soon shut down

If they don’t find a buyer for the factory before May 6th, it will shut down. I wasn’t really a wafer fan, but I really liked their Skybars.

I love the wafers. They’ve been hard to find for at least a decade. Kmart always had them. But, finding a Kmart, is difficult now.

I preferred sorting mine and bagging by flavor. So I could pop three yellows in my mouth. Get more flavor that way.

Hopefully the makers of circus peanuts will join them soon.

Oh, good. Now I can come out with Neko Wafers and not risk being sued.

(Note: Neko Wafers are not happening, but goddammit, I wanna.)

I love the wafers too but I’ve never had a problem finding them. Maybe it’s a regional thing.

Neko Case answers questions about Necco Wafers

In the old days they were made in Cambridge (Mass.) Driving thru Central Square at times, the sweet smell was overpowering (though sort of yummy).

It would also mean the end of the traditional Valentine’s Day Sweethearts. Sure, there are superior imitations, but it’s just not the same.

I may have to stock up. You can get mass quantities of them from Amazon.

My teeth hurt just reading the title of this thread.

Just down the street from MIT. Passed it many times. When I went back for my reunion the building seems to be a research mall or something.

Necco wafers are nasty. I won’t miss them.

Eh. Thin sliced sidewalk chalk.

But not even good for artists.

Doller Tree (Where there are signs that say “Everything $1.00") has Necco Wafers for 89 cents. Go figure.

You should know you’re in trouble when your product is in the discount bin at the dollar store.

When are Candy Corns going to go? Uggh, those are the nastiest of the nasty.

Necco wafers, circus peanuts, and candy corn are the trifecta of confectionary horror. Even as a young child with an undiscriminating sweet tooth, I thought they were inedible. The only Necco wafers that didn’t taste like talc were the licorice ones, and they tasted like a homeopathic concoction of talc with 1 part anise per billion.

But yes, I remember when the wafer factor was near MIT, and it did smell sort of nice. It was part of the charm of walking around the area.

Aside from Necco Wafers, NECCO also makes Clark Bars and Haviland Thin Mints. I believe those are far better regarded than the divisive Necco Wafers but I could be wrong. What’s the consensus here about those two candies?

I adore necco wafers. I am indifferent to the mints, which taste much like other mints. I don’t care for Clark bars, nor for skybars. Circus peanuts are disgusting.

NECCO hasn’t been in the building a couple of blocks up from MIT in ages. They sold it to high tech firms and moved to a building on Revere Beach Parkway in Revere, which is where they’ve been operating.*

I don’t know what the fuss is – the company actually sold their operations to other candy companies over a year ago. They’ve been planning to leave that facility since that time. My guess is that NECCO wafers and Conversation Hearts will continue to be produced at other facilities.

I know that the NECCO executive offices have been closed for months – I tried for a long time to reach them in order to research a book about the company, and NOBODY ANSWERED THE PHONE – except for the custodian at the front desk. There have been multiple stories in the paper about how the factory was going to be turned into some high tech business. Nevertheless, there’s a sign out front of the Revere Beach parkway entrance calling for factory shift workers. It looks as if they want to maintain the appearance of being an open, functioning factory, while they’ve taken all the steps to shut the place down and sell it to some high tech business. Beats me why they’re doing that.

*KInda bad, in a way. Somebody finally got the bright idea to paint the water tower so that it looked like a pack of NECCCO wafers just before they moved. “NECCO”, by the way, stands for New England Confectionary COmpany.