Need a clever Business Name Fast

My previous thread helped me narrow down what food I want to primarily be selling in the summer vs. winter months in my resort town (ice cream and soup respectively). I’ll also have appropriate beverages and snacks to go along with ice cream and soup. Now all I need is a good business name!

I was thinking something simple like “Ice Cream Soup”… but I bet there are better names out there.

So what would you call a take out shop that sells mainly ice cream cones in the summer months and hot delicious soup in the winter months?

Closed Until Further Notice

Cone and Kettle

I’m not sure if the straight dope message boards really counts as market research.

Coffee and Yum.

Scoop and Ladle

And terentii wins.

Spumoni Minestrone

That’s great!

I actually like Ice Cream Soup quite a bit.

Pistachio i Gazpacho

Vanilla Soup
Souper Cone
The Bowl And Cone
Scoop And Crackers

The foods which are both served in bowls and eaten with spoons, but of unrelated viscosity and flavor restaurant

I am dead serious. That will get you much more press and give your restaurant much more charm than many of the other suggestions.

Makes it sound like a ritzy place with premium prices.

I had initially read that as “the pistachio gestappo” and immediately thought of the ice-cream version of the soup nazi from seinfeld.

Slop in Seconds

Ice n Hot

All good names. Thank you. I am leaning toward ‘Ice Cream Soup’ or ‘Scoop and Ladle’…

Between those two, go with “Scoop and Ladle”. You don’t want to give the impression that you are selling one very strange type of food instead of two foods they already know and love.

Bowl-O-Rama. :smiley:

Bowler’s. (Hat would make a good logo element.)

Spoons [Seasonal Diner]. (Cross a long-handled sundae spoon and a round soup spoon.)

Clever is good, but you don’t want to use a name that conveys no meaning. F’Rex, there was a store near me in California named “Tuesday Morning.” Got the SLIGHTEST clue what their trade was? Me, neither, and I lived near them for five years. Make sure your name incorporates or strongly implies food, and a select subset of food. I think “Spoons” would be deadly, but only if it was coupled with a descriptive subtitle in most uses. In a few years, everyone will know what “Spoons” is… but you have to last that long first, and “Spoons Seasonal Diner” might get you there.

Very few people will patronize a business if they don’t have a clear idea what’s on the inside of the door.