Need a clever Business Name Fast

The Four Seasons, or The Four Seasonings. You have a festive party at every solstice and equinox where only part of the signage changes.

Lick and Slurp

Seasons Eatings

That would be on the after dinner/closing menu.

Taking Stock

Hot Bowl/Cool Cup

On the sign, the phrases are bottom to bottom, and the sign is flipped twice a year.

Two signs: The Hot Bowl and The Cold Bowl, and you throw a promotional party when the switch is made to serve the last of the old and the first of the new.

Scoop n Soup

Sweet N Savory
seasonal ice creams and soups

If you encounter any hurdles when acquiring necessary licensure, you could go with Barely Legal. It’s worked in other areas of commerce.

Two Kinds of Stuff in a Bowl

I don’t have any great suggestions, but I gotta say “Ice Cream Soup” is unappealing bordering on gross to me. Reminds me of dirty, sticky children. I wouldn’t want to go to a place called that.

I like “Scoop and Ladle” and “Spoons”.

My only concern is what if you change what you offer? What of ice cream or soup don’t become your major item years from now. Do you want a more flexible name?

Hot Cold and Delicious


I think the more important thing is what brand are you going for? Like, what’s your ‘thing’? I think you have to look at the theme of your shop and then work from there. If it is in a resort town (like, a high end classy town?) I suggest something that sounds sophisticated. You also want something, I believe, which will stand out and be catchy, and easy to remember.

I don’t have any name ideas right now but I think that the above may help you.

I like this idea … this allows two “going-out-of-business” sales and two “Grand Opening” events each year.

Best one yet.

Tells people what they’re getting, but can still work if the menu expands

Unless I am mistaken, the OP will be selling soup in the winter and ice cream in the summer, so any single name that suggests that both products are currently available might be a problem.

There was a place in Chicago that did just what you propose to do. It was called “Soups and Scoops.” The always had both, but much more of the one that was seasonally appropriate.

I doubt if they’ll mind if you steal the name. They went out of business after about two years.