Need Facebook check-in help please

I clicked on “Gary” on the top blue bar of my home page, then on “about,” where it has many categories for me to add stuff to (movies, sports, etc). One of these categories was “check-ins.” I clicked “hide” and the category disappeared. I’d like to bring it back. How do I “unhide” it?

There were a LOT of these check-ins and they were not made by me. Once I get the category back up, can I delete them? How?

I don’t care to be “checked in” by someone else. Is there a way I can prevent this?

Thanks for your help!

To get back to the check-ins, go to:

I don’t think you can any longer block check-ins, but you can control who can see it on your timeline and also review tags before they go on your timeline:

You might also disable the mobile app’s location access or uninstall it altogether:

Remember, Facebook is not working in your interest to protect your privacy. Their business model depends on them sharing as much information about you as they can get away with.