Need free bachelorette party games

A coworker came to be because I can findalmost anything online and asked me for some sites with games she can print out. So now I ask you to help me and provide some links to give her

Is this a bachelorette party for 12 year olds? Just play pin the tail on the stripper or get really drunk at the club and puke in the limo or something.

What sort of games did she have in mind?

I think this will be at someone’s house so no limo or strippers. From what she was looking at, games like Bachlorette Bingo

Hmmm. For a moment there, I thought you were talking about nerd-free bachelorette parties.

This is a bit of a sore point for me. The gals never want a nerdy guy like me at their bachelorette affairs.

Here’s some, although I think some of them are more for a wedding shower.

3 important words…
Be sure to document and provide linkage!

Tell her to throw a Slumber Party or similar, and be done with it. The party doesn’t cost anything, except for whatever refreshments she was already going to have, and they’re terribly fun. I’ve been to a couple of parties run by different companies, and the reps always bring games and hand out penis erasers and such.

When a friend of mine from work got married, that’s what we did fore her party. We had a good dinner complete with penis-pasta salad, gummi penis cookies, and red velvet penis cupcakes. And booze. Lots of booze. Then we had the sex-toy sales, and played pin the hose on the fireman. (Yes, they were actually hoses, and yes, he had pants on. And I won, plus I was the only one to actually get my hose pointed up. I have to wonder about those women, sometimes.) Then we all went through each other’s bags. All that kept us occupied for several hours, and if people hadn’t had to work the next day, we would have stayed up the rest of the night drinking and shooting the shit.

The thing about a lot of bachelorette party games is that they’re meant to be played in public. About the only ones I can think of that are suitable for in-home play is the fireman game (it was $12 or so, I think), and bachelorette trivia, where you quiz the guests on how well they know the bride and her fiance.

She is aware that they deliver strippers?

If the issue is cost, she and her maid/matron of honor should ask around. They may well have a reasonably attractive male friend who is willing and able to perform a decent striptease for free.

If she has moral objections to strippers, well that’s just sad.

Unfortunately, the odds of having a guy friend who a) is attractive enough that seeing him in his undies would be fun, b) wouldn’t be awkward putting money in his shorts, c) can dance, and d) would be willing to perform for your party are terribly low. Hell, a lot of the time you can’t get a guy from an agency who’s attractive and can dance. They seem to have an unfortunate tendency toward being scrawny, pasty, chicken-legged little things with an over-reliance on the old “put your dick four inches from her nose and pump your hips till she pays you to go away” move. I know exactly two women who actually enjoy that; everyone else I’ve talked to on the subject is either remarkably unimpressed or somewhat disturbed by it.

And some brides just don’t want strippers, for various reasons. I don’t think it’s sad any more than someone not wanting to drink. It’s just a personal preference.

Well, in that case, the terrorists have already won.

Buy me a bus ticket and I’ll strip. :o