Need help finding a podcast

It’s a Shakespearean version of “Plan 9 from Outer Space.” I remember it being called “Plan the Ninth” and Dana Gould having a bit part. There are even ads during the intermission, also done Elizabethan style.

I don’t have Stitcher Premium, so I know it’s not on there. I listened to it earlier this year but now I can’t find it. I’d like to listen and share for Halloween. Please, Dopers, do that voodoo that you do and help me find the play.

Dana Gould is doing a live performance of Plan 9 from Outer Space Friday in Tarrytown NY. Could that be it? You could check their archives.
I’m going to give his podcast a shot - I always enjoy him on other podcasts.

I wish I lived in Tarrytown! No, it’s not his live reading. I finally browsed through the old Dana Gould Hour podcast and found it: Episode 106 - Dana Gould in “The Tragicall Historie Of Plan The IX, Part The One”
The Damn Dirty Drive-In
TV & Film

Hearken back to Renaissance England, when Queen Elizabeth I ruled, and Sir Francis Drake circled the globe, and the great playwright and Immortal Bard Edward D. Wood Jr. dominated the stage. The Revival League is proud to present, in radio play form, a classic production of Ed Wood’s, “The Tragicall Historie of Plan the IX,” with Dana Gould; original theme song by Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo of Paul and Storm; Tim Blaney from, “Men In Black” and “Short Circuit,” Frank Dietz from “Zombie Nightmare,” and Jackey Raye Neyman Jones from, “Manos: Hands of Fate.” And be sure to tune in next week for Part 2, with more alien menaces, more undead ghouls, more stupid humans, and much more Dana Gould!

Sorry, forgot the link. Plan the IX

Yay! Thank you!
By the way, for searching on your phone, it is not on Gould’s site - search for The Damn Dirty Drive-in. It’s episode 106 on there, dated March 18, 2018.

From Damn Dirty Drive-in:
EDITOR’S NOTE: In June 2019, this podcast merged with the Damn Dirty Geeks Podcast and became The Damn Dirty Drive-in. These are our classic back catalog episodes, dating back to March 2016. Please enjoy! The new Drive-In podcast opens for business with original sketches, movie discussions, interviews, weird food tastings and more at Episode 168.

That explains why the DG podcast jumps from February to April. I made sure to download both episodes so I can listen to them while I’m doing my chores. Hope you like it!