Need help finding a simple website format

I’m looking for a website format for photographs. One that I can allow several family member to post several photographs that all family members have access to. Maybe give each family member (maybe 30) their own page that would be visible to all. Maybe even allow users to add comments to their pics and maybe others. Sounds pretty basic. Anyone know of such a format for purchase?

Instagram. Free.

Imgur. Also free.

Google Photos, free.

Here’s a recent Wired article on photo sharing methods.

Note that Instagram will not allow posting/uploading pictures from a computer; a friend of mine who doesn’t have a smartphone just discovered that.

Technically, you can, but it’s a bit arcane to do. You have to get your desktop browser into mobile emulation mode. At that point, you can do a basic upload and some other minor stuff, but the UI doesn’t support most of the other features (filters, multi-image posts, etc.)

Why not rent a general-purpose host with your own domain name? If $4/month, that’s just 14¢/month each for each of 30 family members. You have full flexibility, can assemble albums with simple Html, etc. $4 is more than Zero, but “free” services often have drawbacks.

IIUC, the hosting service I’m familiar with — Lunarpages — will allow several ftp accounts, each with its own password, included in the $4/month charge.

Technically you can but I’d be willing to wager that 99% percent of photos taken today and put online to share are taken with smartphones.

I’d go with google photos. Most people already have the app on their phone, works on all platforms, makes great looking albums automatically, is free, and is from a rock solid company that isn’t going anywhere. It will resize large photos to 16MP (more than adequate for most people) unless you pay more for google drive, but that’s the only drawback I can think of other than “teh evil monopoly is gonna own my infos!”

Another thing to throw out there if you’re sharing cell phone photos, WhatsApp makes it really easy to share your photos with X number of people in your contacts list. Available for Android and iPhone (not iPad for some reason.)

ETA: Forgot to mention another thing I like about WhatsApp, incoming photos are stored on your phone so you automatically get a copy of photos people share with you.