Need help finding an obscure independent film

I had a bit part in an independent film some years back and I was never able to see it or even know if it was finished. It was called The Kangaroo and it filmed in Houston in 1995. The only two stars anyone would recognize were Thomas Mikal Ford, Sherman Augustus, Tiny Lister and, apparently, C. Thomas Howell in a cameo. It has an IMDB entry with an incomplete list of credits (mine is not included.) The entry shows a few user ratings, but I don’t know how legitimate those are. I’ve done the occasional cursory web search over the years but could find no hint of it outside of the IMDB listing and a few local news articles published at the time of production. Any suggestions on how to find a copy? Assuming it was even distributed on VHS I’d be stunned to learn it was ever re-released on DVD.

The director, Don Okolo, has a web site and a facebook page. Have you tried contacting him?

There used to be a place in NY called Blue Oyster Video. They had everything. I don’t know if it’s still extant. Here in Maine, Videoport has stuff I can’t believe they’ll stock. Like a summer lecture series of Noam Chomsky. (Is there really a call for that?) I’d try calling both of those. Wait… maybe it was just Oyster Video. I may have been influenced by the cult.

Good luck!

I suspect your only hope is in contacting the director. Good luck. I tried to obtain a copy of a locally produced movie from the director/producer. Found him on facebook, and asked if it had been released to the public (at the time, about 10 years old). He gave me a prompt reply, “Sorry, it’s still on the shelf.” I halfway expected him to say, “Dude! Thanks for asking! Gimme your address, and I’ll send you a copy.” But no. And, just in case you’re wondering, no, I was not in the movie, but quite a few people I know (local actors) were.

Thanks for the suggestion. I guess it’s been longer than I thought since I last Googled him. In the past the only hits I got were for his IMDB credits.

I will contact them both, thanks.

I’m not surprised by the reaction you got. From my limited experience, directors are never too keen on discussing films that never got completed or released. Most of them are a little bitter about the whole affair… especially if there was legal action between them and the backers.