Need help from the techies.

I recently downloaded the newest test version of AIM. Big mistake.

About 5 minutes after I get online, I get a blue screen of death or two. At best, AIM crashes. At worst, it takes Netscape or my entire computer with it.

Is anyone else having this problem? Do you know how to fix it? I’m getting pissed off because I don’t have AIM at home anymore. Went back to their website and tried to DOWNGRADE, but I couldn’t find a way to do it anymore. The only place I could find to DL the old version was for people who never had AIM at all, and involved registering on the spot. Since I have a screen name I’d like to keep around, that’s unacceptable.

never used AIM, only yahoo. could you reregister under a different name, then change the user name once’s it’s installed. I know yahoo allows for the possibility of different users on one machine.

Ahhh… AIM bites.

I had loads of trouble with the newer version, but I run a Macintosh so I can’t really help.

Why not re-sign up, download the old version and just use your original sign-up name when you lauch AIM for the first time?

Worked for me.

actually, what oldscratch is saying works
register a new name and password…once yo uahve downloaded the old version, just log in with your old name and whatnot. it works fine that way.

just make sur eyo uuninstall the new version first

I think, if it isn’t too big, that I could send you the version that I have in a .zip file. You would have to uninstall the new AIM. Then when you reinstall the version that I have sent you, just put in you old user-name and password. I think.