Need positive vibes!

Friend, who’s been staying with Mr. Rilch and myself for several weeks now, has a good chance of getting an apartment in the building two doors down from us. If y’all can spare some, send some positive vibes to North Hollywood. We all really want him to get that apartment; we’re very taken with the idea of being able to hook up at a moment’s notice. He’s been looking since he got here, of course, but as time went on, he was going farther and farther afield, and before this vacancy appeared, he was looking at Van Nuys and beyond. But this would be perfect!

Fingers crossed, fingers crossed…

I hereby bestow upon you my vibage.

Luck unto you, Rilch-friend!

Posicycles to you and your friend!

Sending good vibs…and extra batteries!



Thank you! We don’t know yet. Hopefully we’ll have an answer by Monday. Or maybe not. I think, though, that it’ll be a yes…when we do get an answer.

Sending you good thoughts and positive vibes, Rilchiam!

It will be terrific if your friend can move so close to you…what were the odds that you would have a vacancy so close to you? Having beaten THOSE odds, he is SURE to get the apartment!



Friend got the apartment!


This is great, because I know it’s been rough on him, sleeping in our living room. It hasn’t been particularly rough on us, because he is that ideal person who picks up after himself, contributes any way he can, and generally is fun to have around. But I know he needs his alone time, and I also know he misses his cat, who’s been boarding with his cousins for the duration. He can’t move in till Monday, but that is also a good thing…because that leaves him free to celebrate St. Pat’s open-ended! (He’s Irish as the day is long). ((Maybe that’s how he got so lucky!))

Thanks to all who sent positive vibes!