We need good vibes!

If you didn’t see my previous thread, cadolphin and I were forced to move from our home last week. We are staying with my sister and her family for the moment, so at least we have a roof over our heads.

We have applied for a lease on an apartment. However, my credit is not stellar, so it’s got me worried. I could use as many good thoughts as I can get so the leasing company will accept us as tenants. And we already asked about co-signers, they do not accept them.

Thanks in advance. We’ll let you know as soon as we get moved and back online.

Ric and Kathy

I’ll be vibing the best I can for you. Good Luck.


Yikes! Good luck to you both!

:: good vibes ::

Good vibes headed your way!!

Well, as a follow up, we didn’t get the place.


Thanks for the good thoughts and keep them coming our way as we keep looking!

Ric and Kathy

Since I was offline most of the time we were staying with Rico’s sister, I didn’t know about this thread. I just discovered it. Guess it’s a good thing to look for something your (my) husband posted… :slight_smile:


We have found a new apt and moved in. We’re still trying to get unpacked. Right now it doesn’t seem like it will ever end but Shayna and Spiney Norman have volunteered to come over Sat. for a little bit and help us. Bless you both!

Thank you everyone for all your good vibes, thoughts, prayers, etc. They were much needed and very much appreciated.

Oh, and how could I forget. Ric found a new job and started this past Monday. It’s his 4th day and he’s still sounding very positive about it. A good sign I’d say. :slight_smile: