Need work? Got work? Post it!

With permission from C K Dexter Haven:

So, you may have noticed that the economy stinks. The traditional mainstream 9-5 cubicle job is becoming extinct. Companies still need to get work done, but a project fee is cheaper than a salary. In the meantime, workers with high-level skills are languishing in under- (or un-) employment.

At the same time, there’s this cool thing called the Internet which makes sitting in a cubicle an unnecessary part of a job and makes virtual offices possible. An employer/client and a worker can work together and never meet face-to-face.

The trick is, the people who can do a specific kind of work need to find the people who need that work done, and vice versa. So I thought that this thread might be a way for Dopers to support each other, both those who need work and those who need work done. So, if you have skills and need work, or have work and need skills, please post 'em here.


I have more than 10 years of experience in marketing and visual communications design. Marketing is storytelling, and I am a creative storyteller across a wide breadth of creative disciplines which inform my ability to craft a client’s narrative and engage their audience.

Skills / services:

Crafting your marketing narrative (aka consulting):
-developing the story and the voice of your messages, and how these things engage your audience
-development of marketing strategy
-integrating new campaigns or channels into your existing marketing

Email marketing:
-template design and development
-campaign strategy
-campaign execution (MailChimp, Exact Target)
-drip campaign logic development

Web Design:
-page design
-HTML & CSS development

Social Media:
-strategy development
-Facebook “welcome” page design and development
-channel set-up and community development: researching Facebook pages to like and/or Twitter accounts to follow, organize Twitter follows into lists, set up hashtag searches, set up a HootSuite dashboard.
-execution: train you in the day-to-day management, execute it myself on an on-going basis, or some combination of the two.
-social video: strategies, plus I can connect you with resources for video production.

-specializing in portraits, headshots, and products (especially food).
-local to Chicago

I am also a professional actor (or model), although this would be location-dependent, of course.

Any questions, please PM me.

Well…if you’re in Genesee county Michigan and are a good finish carpenter, let me know. :slight_smile:

Do Finns make particularly good carpenters?

I don’t know. Do they? :slight_smile:
(I see what you did there!)

Stealing Kaio’s format…


I’m a freelance writer and copywriter. I can give you content, ghost write, do some seo and social media type stuff.

Skills / services:

Content Creation

  • Writing web copy to spec to create value and drive traffic to your site
  • Blogging
  • Almost any topic, theme, or mood depending on your audience


  • Product Copy
  • Email Newsletters
  • Really whatever sort of copy you need.


  • I write something, you say you wrote it.

Social Media:

  • I can tweet/blog/whatever for you on a regular basis
  • Currently running the social media for a local production company


  • You need a screenplay I’m your guy.

If I may…

It would help if we knew your location*, and/or whether you’re willing to move. I can see the internal job database at our company and some of the reqs do include relocation expenses.

*at least in general terms.

PM’d you, Kaio.

I’d suggest people post their qualifications and approximate location. I hear about jobs in various areas, mostly IT, from time to time, and will notify anyone who seems to qualify.

Okay, I’ll have a go. :slight_smile:

**FOR HIRE: Experienced technical writer and artist in the Toronto area. **

I am seeking a full-time position as a technical writer and illustrator.

I have 10+ years experience as a technical writer and illustrator in the computer sector, creating documentation using such tools as Structured FrameMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, RoboHelp, HTML Help Workshop, and Acrobat. I have written quick start guides, reference manuals, and online help for wireless handheld data-collection terminals used in warehouses, as well as the networking equipment they communicate with. I have a three-year Electronics Engineering Technologist diploma.

But I’m not just an IT person! I also have experience with printing and colour management. I have illustrated books and photographed products. I will help you explain your products and services to your users and customers!

Highlights of Qualifications

[ul][li]Experience with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and their Apple and open-source equivalents. [/li][li]Experience with DITA, XML, WebWorks Publisher, and HTML Help.[/li][li]Ability to create manual and electronic illustrations and photographs.[/li][li]Experience with ISBNs, printing, and colour management.[/li][li]Comfortable working in a team environment with minimal supervision.[/li][li]Advanced computer skills and knowledge in both hardware and software.[/li][li]Experience with electronic hardware and schematics.[/li][li]Quick learner who enjoys learning new tools and techniques. [/li][/ul]

Location: I’m in Chicago, but most of my services can be done virtually, as I mentioned. The only exceptions would be the photography (of specific people, anyway… you could ship me products to shoot if that appealed to you, and I could arrange for local models if needed), and performance/modeling type gigs, where I’d obviously have to be physically present in front of the camera.

I’m looking for someone with the following rather odd collection of skills:

some knowledge of IC design
some knowledge of databases. Not looking for a high skilled administrator, but setting a production db up would be nice
very good in Perl to implement complicated processes. Other similar languages are okay also, but most of the stuff I have is in Perl.

We are willing to train. New college grads are great (but you have to have a really high GPA and it helps if you went to the “right” school ) or 3 - 5 years experience or so.

And we’re in Silicon Valley.

I’m being deliberately vague - PM me for more information.

I am a freelance copywriter, specializing in web copy for B2B companies. I love working with companies that are doing great work, but aren’t sure how to communicate with their prospects and clients. In addition to writing website copy, I can create press releases, articles, brochures, blog posts (or complete blogs), and sales letters.

I am also looking to hire someone to improve my website. It’s ok, but I want it to be more attractive and functional, and I’d like to add a blog. I have a goDaddy account with the site created on Website Tonight, and I’d like to switch to a WordPress site, so I need someone who is able to handle the switch and can create an attractive WordPress site.

Anyone here on the boards an experienced carpenter/cabinet maker?

I have a frame shop and the front room needs renovation. I know exactly what I’d like as far as style and dimensions for a new front counter. I don’t have the cash to just pay someone to build it.

I have access to tools and knowledge of woodworking. What I’m hoping to find is someone who can make me plans and a cut list based on a drawing and specifications I’d send.

Sunspace - I’m not hiring, but I stumbled across a job posting in Burlington. It might be something you could look into. PM on the way.

It might not be exactly what the OP was hoping for, but the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development has a Wisconsin job search website.

It may not be jobs for Dopers, by Dopers, but putting anyone to work is a good thing IMO. Below is the link to the search page. Cheers and good luck!

Technical Writer and Trainer here. Eastern Tennessee, willing to relocate.

I’ll spoiler the details to keep things easy to read.

Experience creating a variety of documentation for hardware and software packages, including user manuals, help files, training materials, RFPs, business continuity plans, etc.
Fields of work include automotive manufacturing, emissions analysis, emergency management, finance, and industrial generators. Familiar with most of the typical documentation software, including Robohelp, Pagemaker, Indesign, MS Office, Framemaker, Confluence, Sharepoint, etc.

Also a highly experience trainer, and training designer with experience conducting in-depth training both live and via the web. I’ve worked with some rather large clients on a global basis. [/spoiler]
Willing to consider anything but have a track record of being the product specialist who creates the documentation and trains the clients in the use and implementation of the product.

Free beer to anyone that supplies a successful lead :slight_smile:

Bump! Still looking. Anyone else?

I work in a law firm in San Diego. Mostly litigation and some transactional practices. Generally a civil defense firm. We actually grew during this awful economy due to a combination of leanness, that our firm carries no debt, good and smart managing partners, and I’m not sure what else. We are often hiring lawyers in various practice groups (Employment, Tort & Product Liability, Construction, Commercial Litigation, and Professional Liability Defense are some of our many areas). We started out in Californi, but we now have offices, small and larger, in various states/cities across the country. (We have offices on both coasts - Seattle, Portland, SF, LA, SD, NYC, Boston, DC, Connecticut, Miami and others) and in between (Austin, Denver, Chicago, Las Vegas, etc.) I think the only lawyers we do not hire are those fresh out of law school. (Need to have a year or so experience at least). PM me if you want more details. I think we hire on an hourly basis as well as salary depending on the circumstances. Is this permissible in the context of this thread? Obviously I’m not someone offering freelance work - my firm is offering both hourly and regular employment depending on the circumstances. We are also occasionally hiring paralegals, legal secretaries, case assistants, and the like. If I wasn’t supposed to post this - mods delete please.

Two of the companies I work for hire people periodically for legitimate work at home work. PM me for details.