Neo-Soul Singer Eamon: I Got Soul

Hmm - another solid entry in the New Soul category alongside folks like Leon Bridges, Eli Paperboy Reed, Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings (rest her soul), and so many great others.

I know nothing about this guy, Eamon. Apparently he had a slow soul, NSFW song that was a minor hit, then he lost his way with drugs and ego. This is a comeback of sorts, then.

I Got Soul:

Simply an excellent vocal. It’s a song about having nothing after screwing up on drugs and bad contracts, but at least he as soul - and it works. I could do without some of his facial expressions, but I play guitar and experience guitar face, so who am I to complain?

I really appreciate the craft of his singing. He has a powerful, supple voice, but whose basic tonality is rough, and “Rod Stewarts up a bit” when he pushes it, in a very good way. His vocal flows out of him so naturally that it makes hard stuff look effortless, even while underscoring the song chorus.

Hope you enjoy it.

A Monday morning bump