Nerdsquee reaches a personal peak...

Tonight was in many ways a wonderful wonderful thing.

Tonight at CSU Fresno I attended a lecture by none other than James Randi


Got my autographed book, got my picture taken with him, was selected to answer in an audience directed question (and nailed it). Ended up chitchatting with half a dozen folks after the lecture and ended up getting phone numbers/email addys of many like minded folks. It was as if I had found “my people”.

Not only did I get to bask in the wisdom of someone I am a huge fan of, I may have made a few new friends as well.


I could probably wreck my truck on the way home and still say I had a good day.

Sadly if I had checked my email after 2pm yesterday I would have found an invitation to go to a special little breakfast meeting this morning with a local skeptic group I belong to along with the amazing one himself .

:smack: :smack:

I bet if you had read your horoscope or called a psychic predictions line that morning you wouldn’t have missed out on the breakfast meeting :p!

Joking apart, I’m so jealous - I think James Randi is wonderful, and I wish he was better known in the UK.

just waiting for my friend to email the pics so I can post me with the amazing one.

One time, like a year ago, I (non-ironically) wrote the word “squee” in an email, and I’ve been embarrassed about it ever since.

I’m just sayin’…

I saw him at DragonCon this year, and was surprised at how short he was. I had always thought he was very tall. I guess that is just a mark of his showmanship.
I was not surprised at how much fun he was to listen to. The man has a lot of style.

Wow! Very cool. :cool:

So, no photo yet??

Patience dear :smiley:

There ya go!

I was surprised by this too. In the pic, I am 5’11 and ducking down a little.

Wow, he is a short guy. I wondered why you’re hunched up, there!

We like Big Dog shirts, too. :cool: