Netflix profile lockout available?

So everyone in our family has his/her own profile. My daughter’s is set to “teen” or something like that — basically, she can’t watch anything tagged “mature.”

Of course, she’s not an idiot. When she turns on Netflix and it asks her to pick a profile, she can just as easily click on mine as on her own, and mine is not set to “teen” or whatever.

Anyone know if there’s a way I can keep her out of my profile, and my wife’s, etc.?
P.S. Yes, I know that if she watches something, I’ll find out because it’ll show up in my Recently Viewed. I want more than that.

P.P.S. Mods: if this belongs somewhere else, thank you for moving it.

Short answer, no. Profiles as initially implemented are “simple,” not full-featured, and NF is taking some heat over both this issue and the lack of differentiation for viewing recommendations, etc.

That’s what I was afraid of. Thanks.