Netflix Star Trek Instant Play

Netflix is adding some Star Trek episodes…I’d read it was supposed to happen in April. I realize it’s early in the month, but I’d love to know how I can find out which episodes, from which series, and when they’ll be available for streaming. Anyone know?

Here ya go.

Don’t bother wasting your time with this link, there’s nothing about the upcoming Star Trek release on it anywhere.

As far as I can tell, Netflix hasn’t released any information yet on details, except that as the OP said, it will be “sometime in April” and will include some episodes from all generations of Trek.

What’s odd is that it was part of a big deal that including a bunch of other shows, like Twin Peaks and the Twilight Zone. Usually when that happens, everything is added all at once. A bunch of those shows were added April 2, but not all of them.

My guess is it’ll be around the 15th or at the end of the month. That’s usually when they add a bunch of new titles.

What I would do is add the DVD’s to the DVD queue, and when they’re available on Instant, they’ll get a blue “play” button next to them automatically. Just keep them at the bottom of your DVD queue so they don’t get mailed.

Yeah, seriously. I’m familiar with the site and a pointless link to it isn’t very helpful.


I used to do this but now that I have a Netflix enabled blu ray player have to actually add things to my watch Instantly queue, otherwise I don’t see them in my player.

Wow, that’s really annoying. You used to be able to watch every single complete episode of ST TOS for free on the CBS website, but they seem to have taken them all down now that they’re going to Netflix.

FYI, there’s an RSS feed for when stuff gets released to streaming on Netflix:

IT was on their YouTube page as well. I just recently noticed it was gone.

Apparently Star Trek won’t be available for streaming until July: Link.

Boo for having to wait until July, but ZOMG EVERY EPISODE OF EVERY LIVE ACTION TREK SERIES!! The value of my Netflix subscription just went up significantly.

Ha! It shows Buffy & Angel as “new” to Netflix Streaming. Which they aren’t. But another Netflix site showed them as expiring last April 1st. Guess the contract got renewed. Was happy to notice *Twin Peaks pop up recently *& will probably watch a few Treks.

Coming in July: Mad Men!