Nevada Senate 2010: Reid vs. Angle

This race is interesting (and interested in) enough that I thought it should have it’s own thread.

Certainly Sharron Angle is a fantastic quote generating machine, or has been in the past, and it would be useful and fun to have one place to go to find everything she says. Of course, the bar is already set high this year by her fellow Republicans.

And now that Reid knows she will be his opponent he’s ramped up his media machine so this would be a good place to keep tabs on what he says as well.

Personally, I said it a year or two ago in a GD thread: no way Reid doesn’t get re-elected. The Republicans have no one of any substance (or sanity) to run against him. I mean this is the best they could come up with, because no way in hell could our Republican governor win. We loathe him.

I’m pretty confident Reid will win. He is a Democrat though, never underestimate their ability to fuck up a sure thing.

Reid was never a sure thing. He is disliked by both Democrats and Republicans. When Angle won the nomination, some polls had her ahead by as much as 12 points. And then she started talking.

Well, she talked for a little while and then started running away from reporters. I think she hasn’t been interviewed since this unfortunate one on June 29th.

Ried has the charisma of a guppy. But Angle is an idiot. He was vulnerable until they wound up picking her. She is way too stupid to get elected. Although it would not be the first time, there is Sarah. If Angle and Palin had a discussion. it would require subtitles to turn it into English .

If there is one single Democratic Senator that I would cheer the losing of his seat . . . well, hell, why be coy?

I would have been delighted if Reid had lost this election. Sadly, that appears to be increasingly unlikely. I now hope for a coup in the Senate leadership vote in January.

While Reid is a fine Democratic Senator, he is a horrible Senate majority leader. Horrible.

Am I the only one who misread this as “puppy”? Because that’d actually be pretty good.

Myself and his mother seem to be the only people in America who like Sen Reid, so I’m happy to see his campaign pull itself out of near death. I think he’s done well in a difficult job.

Polls are still close to even, though, and Nevada’s economy is one of the worst in the country. So even with a crummy opponent, he has an uphill fight.

Holy Toledo! That’s some House-of-Rep-style crazy. Or even worse, state senate dumb coming from Angle.

Angle on Fox News Reporting

You know what? I take that back. She’s not dumb. She just honest. It’s so rare to see honesty in a politician these days, I mistook it for insanity.

Wow, all I have to say to that video is, “Bwah?!”

It’s obvious that God wants Reid to win this election, otherwise why would He bother creating Sharron Angle? She makes Rand Paul look like a great statesman. She makes Sarah Palin look like a policy wonk. Good heavens, what were Nevada voters thinking to nominate her?

What’s with the hate for Reid? Yeah, Nevada’s economy is tanking. Offhand, I’d say it’s because with the US economy in shambles, people have less discretionary income to come to Vegas and gamble. I don’t see how people expect their US senator to keep unemployment in a state from rising.

Senators can to little to counteract national unemployment problems. When states are suffering from out sourcing and national problems, the state politicians take a lot of heat, But they really don’t have the power to overcome the problems.
Governors take the same heat. Many incumbents are in trouble for an economy they are powerless to change.

Now, you take that back! The very idea is making my head hurt.

You left out that Nevada has one of the hardest-hit real-estate markets.

And everyone knows the real estate market cratering at the end of 2007 is Obama’s fault. Er…Reid’s fault. Ummm…dammit.

Angle for Senate 2010! : pukey smilie :

I like Harry Reid - actually met him once and had a chance to talk one-on-one for awhile.

Here in Nevada, voters are a fickle bunch and I think they don’t look at the big picture.

Harry Reid is the Majority Leader in the Senate! Does anyone in Nevada really think someone (especially idiot Sharron Angle) could possibly have any more pull and power in Washington that Harry does?! This is a guy who has Obama on his speed dial - literally.

You might not like everything Democrats are doing and disagree with some of the bills or methods; but do Nevadans really think it isn’t advantageous to have a Senator with that much power in DC?

We’ll see what happens, but right now I have no idea how this election is going to turn out. Polls show Harry climbing - with a slight lead at this point. However, it is all going to come down to turnout. If the Republicans and their fellow teabaggers show up in droves, and complacent Dems stay at home, Harry could be in trouble.

A lot of repubs are going to vote for Angle. It is amazing. She is dumber than Palin . But they will find someway to work around the obvious and ugly truth.


thought I was gonna be late with this stuff!

Story here.

That’s from an interview back in April with TruNews Christian Radio. Not sure if it was the same interview, but in April she also said:

First Commandment? whuuuuuu? I don’t think I have to pay attention to that one, since I’M NOT A FUCKING CHRISTIAN, bitch.

Reid’s campaign, of course, is making hay every day with Angle’s own words. And the irony of that makes me laugh, so in general, I approve of Sharron Angle continuing to open her fucking mouth.

Can’t wait for them to debate.

I get mailings from Reid every four days or so. His campaign is “Sharron Angle’s 40 Dangerous Ideas” or some other number. He highlights the nutty shit she’s said. I was planning on sitting this election out or voting third party. That’s become much less likely every day.


So, if she gets elected, she’s going to forgo her salary, right? Because otherwise the government would be providing her daily bread, and she’d just be joining in the idolatry.

Oh, and make sure to tell the NRA, too, that instead of shooting in self-defense, you should just pray at attackers. God will protect you.

Which part? The fact that the election is going from “2 people I don’t care about” to “2 people I don’t care about, except one is utterly nuts” is the main thing.