Never give up on the San Diego Chargers

until the fat lady sings and the head coach is replaced and QB Rivers is traded to another team.

Don’t even give up if they lose another close game in the last two minutes to Denver Broncos this thursday night played in San Diego on CBS and the NFL channel.

If they lose the coach Mike Mccoy will surely be sacked after a season of fumbles and bad late calls that leaves the team right now at 1-4 and with one more loss to Denver they would be 1-5 and 0-3 in their conference, but still I won’t give up.

I prophesy that the San Diego Chargers will go all the way to the Super Bowl with or without Mike Mccoy.

It is still possible with 12 games left to lose two more and still make the playoffs.

Please don’t give up on your teams either … never give up. :slight_smile:

Never give up on your team’s ability to let you down.

And hey, they’ll be headed up the Freeway soon enough anyway.

I wouldn’t worry about that. The Broncos will crush them in a devastating home loss. :slight_smile:

When the Chargers inevitably move, please consider changing your fandom to the NY Jets.

You’ll be the most optimistic dude in the room.

(you’ll be the only optimistic dude in the room, but whatevs)

I’ve tried to love other teams like Cleveland or NY Jets, but I just can’t do it after 36 years (1977 after I moved there) of loving them.

Here’s late news:

Chargers 21
Broncos 13

Denver recovered their onside kick with only 21 seconds left, but the hail Mary pass failed :slight_smile:

See, there’s your problem. You’re obviously delusional, and not just about the Chargers. :slight_smile:

Yea Chargers! They won a close one in Atlanta in OT

Chargers 33
Falcons 30

The Atlanta coach went for it on 4th and one and lost the ball to San Diego in overtime for the Chargers to be able to kick a field goal and win the game.

Chargers are now 3-4 and on the way to Denver next Sunday.

As a general rule, i don’t give a flying fuck if the Chargers win or lose.

But as long as their asshole of an owner is trying to con hundreds of millions of dollars out of San Diego taxpayers, i hope they lose every game.

And if they lose the stadium funding vote and leave the city, good riddance to them.

The Chargers, as usual, somehow manage to be near the edge of greatness regardless of their issues but can never quite make it over. Having Denver and the Chiefs in their division doesn’t help, though.

It is very difficult to have loyalty to the Chargers after all the work Spanos did to try and leave San Diego the last couple of years.