New 4 minute Captain America 2 trailer

Looks fucking incredible

I can’t tell you how much it impresses me that the filmmakers “got” Cap in this day and age. Coulson said it well: maybe what we need right now *is *a little old-fashioned.

One of Cap’s powers must be super-soldier-enhanced butt-clenching for that entry into the water.

He’s equipped with vibranium underwear…

Did anyone else notice that in the original trailers, that was just open water he was jumping into, without the ship? I wonder why they changed that?

Trailers are often edited together from unfinished and alternate footage. I’d guess (1) the FX weren’t done and (2) they were holding back some cards.

I did wonder what Cap would do if he slung his shield at some baddie and had it deflected over the side? Vibranium doesn’t float, AFAIK.

April 4 - Captain America 2 opens
April 6 - Season 4 of Game of Thrones premieres

Awesome weekend or awesomest weekend?

I miss Batroc’s mustache already.

I can’t say I’m remembering every movie, but is this going to be the first time in his career Robert Redford plays a baddie?

Assuming you don’t consider him as “the bad guy” in Indecent Proposal.

Long as he leaps, I’m good with it.

so - (spoilered question)

“the winter soldier” - is that the bad guy that catches the sheild? Is that also Bucky?

Trailer looks good - can’t wait for the release - looks to be carrying on the IM/Avengers/funny tradition.

Spoiler answer:

Yes and yes.

Spoilery question answer: yes.
Very much looking forward to this.

“Secure the engine room now, find me a date later!”


I was sad that the clip ended, so I take that as a good sign.
Robert Redford could arguably be called a baddie in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, no?

He was also a criminal in The Sting, and I would hardly call Jay Gatsby a “hero.”

Looks good.

One little thing I really liked - in-and-amongst all the Widow waif-fu, there was one bit where she kicked up-and-outwards to get momentum before throwing that one guy over her shoulder, which just seemed more true to real-world physics to me. Might not be true to any martial art, but I thought it a nice touch.

Well he did rob a bank in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid…

As for Captain America II, I am so stoked. My nerd boner is red, white, and blue, saluting, and playing a fife and drum song. TMI?

I really liked Captain America and I’ve been keeping my eyes on this one. My initial thoughts were that it may be “too soon” to bring Winter Soldier in, but now I’m not concerned about that – it’s just a bit of a shortcut is all. This movie looks like it’s going to be pretty amazing.

That was Hayley Atwell I heard, wasn’t it? Aged up or remarkably preserved somehow, any guesses? She didn’t sound old.

Yes it was.

I still think it’s too early and they haven’t earned the Winter Soldier storyline, but I’m stoked. We’re seeing it early on the 29th!