Captain America Trailer is out

Here is the first trailer for Captain America
All I can say is it certainly looks better than Thor

Interesting. I like the focus on his origin.

Chris Evans looks very weird all skinny. His head is too big for his body.

That being said, I’m super-pumped for this movie (and Thor.)

I just can’t believe he dieted down that much. I haven’t seen that much commitment to a role since Christian Bale in The Machinist.


I think they could possibly have hit another Iron Man home run with this one. I think there are a lot of people unfamiliar with the WWII history of Captain America (complete with Red Skull), and will be pretty impressed with it.

I assumed it was CGI…sophisticated Photo-Shopping of his head onto a smaller actor’s body. Like they did in The Social Network when Armie Hammer played both Winkelvoss twins, but they used another actor to step through the role as it was filmed live…

I like the trailer a lot. Let’s see if the movie delivers on the promise. (fingers crossed)

Supposedly there’s no Nazis in it. All the villains and enemy soldiers are Hydra.

Is the film about battling the fifth columnists on the home front? That could be cool.

Well, Hitler is mentioned in the trailer linked in the OP (1:18). There may not be any direct reference to Nazis or swastikas, just to avoid any nonsense protests from starting up.

The director has confirmed there will be some Nazis. My guess is that we’ll see more Hydra than Nazis, but we don’t know what the ratio or relationship is between the two groups.

I’ve had reservations about this project from the outset, but I found this trailer to be encouraging.

Wait – was Dr. Reinstein’s assistant addressed as ‘Mr. Stark?’ Tommy Lee Jones as a battle-hardened sergeant? Even the Hydra operatives don’t look so stupid ( I presume the Red Skull is using Germany to further his own nefarious plans).

I am so looking forward to this.

I was a sceptic, but it looks fantastic… until the suit appears. The red, white and blue thing still looks ridiculous, and I really can’t see this playing well outside the U.S. But speaking personally, I think I’ll really enjoy this.

Sure was. Different actor, though).

*Than Tony’s father in IM2.

Could be grandad.

The little Howard Hughes mustache is a marvelous touch. Oh, and Cap looks pretty awesome as well.

(Probably granddad. my father served in WWII, and I am a little long in the tooth to start a superhero career today.)


But yeah, scrawny Chris Evans is creepy. It looks like the weight of his head would snap his neck.

Yeah, I saw that and thought, “Looks like Cap’s got a little Gollum in his family tree.”

Gotta say: Me too.

Bah. I’m not sure what IMDB does with trailers, but I can’t watch them on my Mac.