Captain America Trailer is out

It’s on Youtube. Look for it.

It’s probably just his dad. The actor from IM2 is John Slattery, who’s constantly working. Plus, we saw Cap’s shield in IM2, in a pile of his dad’s stuff.

Yeah, it’s gotta be his Dad in the trailer. They used a different actor because Howard Stark had to look 50ish in the old movies in Iron Man 2 (which IIRC were from the late 60s), but mid 20s in Captain America.

My mastery of the English language is not sufficient to convey my excitement for this movie.


Full cast list includes a Howard Stark, no other Starks, so it looks like the dark handsome young man in the trailer does indeed lose a significant amount of melanin as he ages to a more John Slattery-ish appearance by the time we saw him in Iron Man 2.

Interestingly, the cast list also has a character, unnamed, simply credited as “Stark Expo Visitor”.

I see Dum-Dum Dugan!

this has been my one lament…okay two… but the other one is minor.

I was really hoping Tommy Lee Jones would actually be playing Nick Fury Sr. in this movie and then Samuel L was actually playing Nick Fury Jr. in the modern era movies. I just thought that would have been a cool bit to play. It’s weird seeing the Howling Commandoes (guy with handlebar mustache and bowler hat is Dum Dum Dugan) backing Cap with Nick Fury being around.

My other gripe is that the shoulder padding on the costume is too modern looking… like I said… minor.

Also Percy Pinkerton, if I’m any judge.

And he’s Neal Stephenson, Lt. Lynn ‘Buck’ Compton from Band of Brothers.

Nick Fury still makes an appearance, right?

Neal McDonough, of the freaky/cool gray eyes. Stephenson wrote Snow Crash.


:smack: Jeesh. I was even looking at his IMDB page when I typed that, too. I guess when I think “Neal” that “Stephenson” just usually follows automatically.

Genuinely awesome looking. Which I say as a non-American. I don’t give a shit about the name or suit and I doubt many other people will either.

OK, this film just moved to the top of my must-see list!

You mean Samuel Jackson Nick Fury? Maybe in a bookend sequence.

Somewhat a spoiler just based on my understanding of the movie:

The majority of the movie is going to be set during WWII, but at least a small part will be in the present day. So I bet Nick will show up then.

Red Skull looks shitty. Nice trailer though, I hope they dont waste too much time on Steve Rogers before he’s transformed. Joe Johnson (or Jonhston?) is the guy that did Rocketeer and Hidalgo, two cool adventure movies. So, it sounds promising.
Just hope they dont do Hydra as some kind of Nazi-esque Cobra, trailer doesnt look too good on that point. Crossing my fingers for a low eye-rolling level.

What can you do? He’s Captain Fucking America.

Yeah, I think Hollywood really underestimates the rest of the world in this regard.

Nick Fury from the comics had his aging slowed with the Infinity Formula. There’s no reason they couldn’t keep him in WWII if they wanted, though I imagine they’ll update him to Vietnam.

I just watched it no troubles on my Mac (Safari 5.0.4).

Hey, there’s 27+ other countries that have a Red, White, and Blue flag. They just need to change the name. Captain Thailand?