Captain America Trailer is out

Needs more Bucky.

I like it. The suit even looks okay.

I’m from Australia, which is more blue, red and white. Captain Australia would probably have the superpower of getting pissed while watching the cricket.

Curious about comic book fans’ opinions on the movie’s take on Bucky.

I’m not a comic book guy and don’t really know much about Bucky but I’ve always had the impression that fans of the comic book hated Bucky, considered him embarrassingly campy, and have been pretty happy that he stayed dead (until he stopped staying dead).

It seemed to me that all agreed that a teen sidekick was a totally lame idea and sucked a considerable level of cool out of the series.
So, the trailer shows us that Bucky is a young adult, pretty buff and square-jawed. It seems that in this version Bucky and Steve had long been buddies. That they are about the same age. Furthermore, it seems that Steve had been Bucky’s scrawny geeky “sidekick” prior to his transformation.

As, depicted, it looks like it will be easier to accept Bucky as being heroic in his own right.

I definitely think a teen sidekick would have been a bad choice for the movie, but how do long-time fans feel about Bucky being so significantly ret-conned? Good idea, or better to just drop the character completely?
(Or would anyone prefer the teen sidekick version?)

Having Bucky as a war photographer, not a teen sidekick, worked well in The Ultimates.

Bucky was nicely ret-conned into a WWII era young, scrappy, throat-slitting, advanced recon sidekick in the last few years. One who “did the things Captain America couldn’t be seen doing” IIRC. It was quite well received.

I didn’t so much hate the idea of the teen sidekick, I like the current semi-autonomous Robin just fine. I just found it refreshing that a dead character actually stayed dead.