New Aussie Rules Footy videogame to be sold only in Australia---can I play in the U.S.?

I LOVE Australian Rules Football, and love video games, and one of the banes of my existence has been my inability to play Australian Rules Football video games because they are only released in Australia and to play them in the United States you have to buy this godammned PAL converter, and Lord knows if that is going to work.

Now, here it is May 2011, I have slightly more disposable income than in the past, and am willing to pay almost whatever it takes to get my hands of this game on either XBOX360, Wii, or PC and be able to play it here.

My question is two fold:

  1. I have flat screen TVs in my house, are PAL converters now obsolete----can I just go on eBay and but the new video game from someone in Oz and be able to play the game on my US XBOX360 or Wii, on my LCD or LED TV?

  2. If not, can I just buy the PC version, and load it into my laptop? Are laptops universal?

Thanks! EL

Assuming there’s a PC version, yeah, that’s probably the easiest way to go about it. Most developers who release a game on console and PC will let you use a game controller for the PC version, too, so you probably don’t need to worry about giving up your input method (if indeed you prefer a controller for sports games).

ETA: Forgot to answer your first question - I’m pretty sure the 360 and the Wii are both region locked, so an Oz version of a game on a US console won’t work. If you wanted to go this way you’d have to import an Australian console too, which may be the first time in history that someone in America imported a console from Australia for any reason at all. :slight_smile: