new Cecil book this century?

This is probably not the right place to post this, but I dont know what is.

We were last blessed with a Straight Dope book in 1999. Especially with the reduced page count (which allowed the book in 1999 to be released just a year after the previous one) I am beginning to think there is some reason other than lack of material holding up a new book.

There is, it’s THE MAN !!

The man is always getting in the way of our entertainment. He punishes Cecil every chance he gets.

You wanna know why?

Because the Man loves ignorance. He feasts on it, it is a fine dish, that goes well with wine.

Cecil has fought bravely in order to overcome the cone of ignorance on this county, but unfortunately, because of Enron, OJ, and the Man, the battle for brillance is being pushed off.

Currently the Manis bringing Cecil towards himself. A bunch of evil ignorant buffoons are dragging the chained Adams toward Mt. Stupid, in a desperate attempt to claim the power of intelligence and to throw it away in a pit of molten magma.
The Manis Evil and nearly undefeatable, but fear not brave intellectual warrior! This is all part of Cecil’s brilliant plan. Once Cecil has gotten to Mt. Stupid, he will push the Maninto the molten pit and unleash a magnificant book of wonderful knowledge and learning to all of us mortals on Old Earth…

The next book hasn’t been published yet because the last one hasn’t sold yet. There are backlogs of it in the warehouses. Everyone needs to buy more books.