New Fox reality shows that are likely to fail

So You Think You Can High Dive

Mathematical Idol

Who Wants to Marry a Hypochondriac?

Nanny 9/11

Survivor: Davenport

Last Paraplegic Standing

America’s Next Top Shoe Salesman

Neurosurgery with the Stars!

Colonoscopies of the Stars

Who Wants Wolverines In Their Pants?

American’s Funniest Accounting Mistakes

America’s Next Top Reality Show Producer: Winner is the contestant who produces the best new reality TV show.

Survivor: Lower East Side

Nah, it’s been done. :eek:

Dear God.

PMS Queen: American Midol

Celebrity Napping

World’s Least Sexy Internal Revenue Service Agent

Who Wants to Sweep the Porch?

LOL! I think I’ve seen that.

Then again, we can have a show where we just watch people sitting around: American Idle.

Joe Hundredaire

Chains of Rubber Bands

Project Runaway

America’s Next Top Hand Model

Rudy and the Geek(pencil pushing wimps try out for Notre Dame Football.Cancelled after 1st episode due to death of contestants)

Gay,Straight, or Rapist?

Dancing with Roseanne Barr

America’s Funniest Groin Injuries

Alligators Biting People in the Nuts

Who Wants to Go to Prison?

How Much Would You Sell Your Children For?

America’s Next Top Midol

Who Wants To Pee on A Millionaire

Eels or No Eels?

Queer Factor

Survivor; CDC Edition…

8 contestants start off in a CDC lab, Biosafety Level 4, with NO protective suits, there are 7 protective “spacesuits” locked in a locker, the key is located in one of the Bioagent freezers, the freezers are nonfunctional and they contain active pathogens/viruses/bacteria, once the contestants get the spacesuits, they find that of those 7, 2 are intact, the other five have breaches in them

contestants need to make it from BL-4 to BL-1 and survive decontamination to win

viruses present include Hantavirus, Dengue fever, Ebola Zaire
Bacterium include Anthrax and Botulism
parasites; Malaria and the pathogen that causes Sleeping Sickness

basically, it comes down to who has the strongest immune system

another simpler version would be;

“Who Wants To Catch A Deadly Virus?”

America’s Funniest Child Molestors

Who Wants to Contribute to Wikipedia?

Queer Eye for the Rastafarian Guy

America’s Top Sniper

Trading Spices: Watch as neighbors swap oregano, marjoram, celery salt, etc.

Who Wants to See a Millionaire? Not “be” a millionaire, or “marry” one, but just look at one for an hour. Host: Donald Trump.

Superdanny: Danny Bonaduce offers child-rearing tips to parents dealing with unruly offspring.

What Not to Dare: Advice for agoraphobics who want to stay that way.

Survivor, Caesar’s Palace: Contestants are comped to suites, fine dining, shows, and drinks in one of Las Vegas’s finest casino resorts. This week, Jake naps on a king-sized bed while Hilary sips a margarita. Host: Wayne Newton.

This is kinda like one of those Scenes From a Hat kind of games…ok I’m in.

For the catwalk models: Just How Anorexic Can We Get?

24 Hours Locked in a Small Room with a Serial Killer

What Did You Do in ____, Daddy? [With the blank being various pits of depravity around the world, such as Bangkok, Tijuana, etc.]

Or, inspired by a Wierd Al song…
“Stuck in a closet with Vannah White”

“Who wants to watch paint dry?”

In a more Sci-Fi genre…

Who Wants to be Assimilated

Iron Chef; Qo’Nos (special ingredients, Gaqh and Tribbles)

Today on Jerry Springer; “I’m in love with a Toaster, and I don’t CARE who knows it!”

Billionaire Haircut Slapdown: Gates vs Trump

Who Wants To Marry elmwood?

All of these would actually be huge hits, methinks.

EDIT: Except maybe the last one.