New game: the spin-the-bottle post thread

This came to me when I was trying to link a post in another thread and accidentally used the threadid number where the postid number should be. On preview on had the delight of reading an old London_Calling post in defence of bj0rn in the pit.

Being most amused with this, I decided to share. To play, simply cut and paste the following into your reply:

[url=“”]Spin the bottle![/url]

Then pick 6 numbers at random (with the first being either blank or 1) and replace the “?” symbols with your numbers.

And if anyone wishes to construct a story linking the posts or wants to provide a synopsis of what they’ve done, I’m sure the resto of us will marvel in your wit and imagination.

To kick things off, let’s try 98765:

Spin the bottle!

(If nothing else, at least some of you will learn how to link to individual posts ;))

I gotta try this!

Cool. I seem to have landed on andros calling Serlin a jerk.


Hmm. A ChiefScott rant. Good work, grasshopper.

That’s actually not the right post. If you take the initial zero off, you’ll get the right one. jarbabyj would appreciate it.

I’ll give it a whirl… pun intended.

Spin the bottle!


Okay… that sucked… I used my birthday, so it doesn’t count.

Spin the bottle!

Well, why not?

Spin the bottle![ul] Whee!
[sub]I just know this is either going to link to some boring GQ or a foreskin rant by JDT[/sub]

Round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody knows…

Hmm. Some Higher Power thinks I need to know more about Jack Chick. HELLO, HIGHER POWER!! I KNOW ALL I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT JACK FLIPPIN’ CHICK!!! THANK YOU!!!

Well, it was GQ, but a GQ called “Why am I so horny…”, post by TwistofFate. Coulda done worse on a blind guess.

Spin the bottle!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee wait, did I do it right??

Spin the bottle!

Round and round and round it goes…

Spin the bottle!

Not quite. Remember I said you have to use either a blank or a 1 for the first digit. Actually, strictly speaking that wouldn’t work either. What I meant is either use a 1 or don’t have a first digit.

No… hang on… then your second digit would become your first digit. But then you could have anything you wanted as a first digit. Oh bloody hell.

Look. Put it like this. You used 086463. You should have used 86463.

Then you’d get this

I wonder what it is…


Ha ha! You lose! Page not found! :wink:

I seem to have messed up!

Spin the bottle!

Wow! If I had gotten it right it would have been an answer to the OP that Skerri linked to! Odd!

Ah - I’ve spotted another flaw in my explanation. You have to use the same 5 or 6 digit number for both sets of “???” folks.