New game: the spin-the-bottle post thread

Uhrrr… Ginger didn’t, and her pick’s OK (or, at least, doesn’t take you to a “page not found”)

Did tevya just land on a deleted post?

Or is there some deeper hidden meaning behind it all?

Beware the post gods, for they are not at all subtle and like to make fart jokes.

Ahhh… I’ll try it one more time. It’s better than a carnival game.

Oh my god! I saw this bottle and I was like, Wheeeee!

I apparently suck.


Will it go round in circles?

Okay… let’s see…

Where’s it gonna point?

Cool. Screech-owl got the thread in which Coldfire the newbie admits his driving errors. In particular, the post is a harrowing account of driving near-disaster.

But bobkitty wins - centred right on Wally saying “Xena is a slut”!

Definitely in the lead so far I’d say, bobkitty. If this were a competition. Which of course it isn’t. This is, of course, a game in which everybody wins.


Spin the bottle!

Where am I?

Here we go!

Spin the bottle!

Sorry about the bad link above. Don’t even bother. :frowning:

url=“”]Spin the bottle!

Everybody except me apparently. :frowning:

I’ll try again:

Spin the bottle!

Wow! I’m phenomenally bad at this game! I think this may be the thing that I am truly the anti-master off!

::bowing low to the crowd:: Thank you. I aim to please. :smiley:

Spin dat ol’ bottle.

Spin the bottle!

Actually, I think our darling Rasa takes the cake with this little gem:

Forgot that first bracket she did. :wink: Now I don’t feel so bad about my sucky links.

Don’t worry Ras… We still love ya. :wink:

[]Round and round she goes!

Hmm. It’s HeadlessCow, a fellow June '99 registrant, talking about how it’s not generally worth a hacker’s time to learn how to hack into a Mac.


Spin the bottle!