New Game: What if Opal...

Background: So, now we’re guessing when OpalCat is going to take a shit?

The model of my new Game:
The ancients thought there were only four bodily fluids. Imagine how different science would be today if it had been OpalCat and not Paracelsus.

Imagine how different history would be if it had been OpalCat and not Marie Antoinette who said, “Let them eat whatever.”

OK, gang, take it from here. Joan of Arc. The Virgin Mary. Go to it!

C K Dexter Haven,

No offense, but the thread she started was not nearly as crude as your thread. Not because I consider Opal a friend but why did you start this when your mod’s closed her thread?

This makes no sense.

It’s looks suspicious on a lot of levels.

Just voicing an opinion, not to start fireworks and it’s not Pit worthy and probably would be closed down.

With that said, I don’t understand why you would do this thread in light of your mods closing her mild thread.

Ummm, she said:

Not thinking about this in a good tone but I think this thread should be closed and an apology to Opal is in order.

I think this OP would be more appropriately placed in the Pit.

Objectively speaking, speculations on the historical implications of impacted bowels and wonky bodily functions are fair game. Truly great insights can spring from the wonkiest sources.

F’rinstance, possibly Napolean wouldn’t have lost the Battle of Hastings if he hadn’t been constipated. Or had piles. Or sumpin’ like that.

And was the Maid of Orleans actually just driven wall-eyed bonkers with yeast infections from being inclosed in rusty iron alla time?

Moderator’s addendum:

Chill, m’kay? Contrary to paranoia, sometimes legitimate threads are just that, no matter who starts 'em: wonky mental extrapolations. Gonzo speculation can spin offa all kind of unlikely sources. Every danged thing isn’t completely dependent on antecedents.


(and then I screwed up the spelling of my 3-letter name. Sigh, harumph…)


The problem, that is a personal issue with me (see the Pit) is that her thread was closed, very mild and very tame yet an admin came in (apparently after the thread was CLOSED) and started a thread which was basically the same thing in a condescending (sp) tone.

That’s my issue and I carried it over to the Pit because that was more appropriate.

Fair enough and no-fault-no-foul.
The rightness of closing the thread is a legit issue for discussion.
The only point I was making is that all kinds of mental connections/twonky speculations spin off from all kinds of sources.
There’ve been just too many great discussions that’ve built from other threads to cut one off at the root because of the source.
Sometimes a fun idea is just a fun idea, no matter who runs with it.
Moderator’s note:

This is kinda borderline but we’ll see how this thread develops. If it runs with the loopy historical projection of the OP it’ll stay open. If it turns into a mirror of the Pit thread, it’ll be closed just to keep forum distinctions.



Well, as I stated before I find it wrong to close Opal’s thread and then an admin can carry a similar thread with terms that are generally not accepted outside the Pit, when Opal started her thread with some humor (to get through her after effects of it.) It completely baffles me.

That’s my issue. I hope you understand. Opal’s carefully worded thread was closed and an admin came in here…her’s was completely to make light of what she’s gone through, I see nothing wrong with that considering other threads that are more gross and more explicit than hers. She had a legit surgery, let’s discuss it and in her thread.

CK may have tried to be funny but so did Opal in her MPSIMS thread.

I really wish this thread was closed down for the reasons I stated previously and in my Pit thread.

Life isn’t fair but this goes further than what I think acceptable.

Sorry I am such a poop but it just doesn’t look good to me at all. I never meant to jump in this thread to be a butt but that’s how I feel, knowing the rules here, this has been difficult for me to voice my opinion in a civil manner which is why I opened up the Pit thread.

[Just for the record: my thread was meant to be humorous, and yet also meant to be a way of my expressing my nervousness about my surgery. I mean, until I actually…er…go I won’t know if I’m hooked up right. They did pretty much reinvent the plumbing entirely, and as yet I have no evidence that things that go in slot A will eventually come out slot B. I’m sure they will, but you can imagine that it wasn’t just “la la la when will I poop” it’s more “la la la… gosh this is really drastic… I really hope it works… i really hope my digestive process still functions… I guess I’ll find out when I poop nervous laugh so what do you think?”]

That said… is the game about what if these people were waiting to poop? Or how things would have been said differently if they’d been said in my … particularly delicate style? It could be the early hour or the pain meds but I’m not quite 100% clear on the game. Other than that, I’m game!

Bad style, this thread. Very bad.

We’re all fallible humans. I closed Opal’s thread because I felt it was in bad taste. I’m closing Dex’s thread for the same reason. 'Nough said.

Cajun Man - SDMB Moderator