New George Forman Grills made in famous iMac colors

heh. WTF?

I dunno, I kinda like them. They would make the kitchen a cheerier place to be.


They do add a cheery touch. Plus, they make great CD burners at only a tenth the price of an iMac !

There you again. You Wintel bastards slamming us Mac folk every chance you get. Well bite me I say!! :smiley:

The strange thing is that the designer Foreman Grills actually have more available software than the iMac.

The grilling of your chicken breast could not be completed because of error -3.

I tried to grill a hamburger and a hot dog at the same time and it froze up.
Thank you, I am here all ze week.

Are we really going to start a mini-platform war here? Sheeeesh!

Besides, the grills don’t even reflect the latest iMac colors, which are indigo, graphite, and white. (Yeah, real exciting.)

I do find it ironic that some people criticize the “candy” iMac colors, there are SO many companies (Compaq, anyone?) that pile right on that bandwagon and rip off the idea.

Who would buy crap from a guy who names all five of his sons “George”?
The grill is a ripoff. I can get the same results from an old fashioned hotplate and a flatiron…provided the kitchen has adequate ventillation and the smoke alarm is off.

I have a GF grill, and use it 3-4 nights a week. t heats up fast, it cleans easy, I totally love it.

And FYI, it is a common tradition in many french catholic families to name all sons Joseph, with different middle names. Its not that weird.

And it doesnt smoke, at all. (unless you burn stuff, but then thats not the grills fault.)

Them’s fightin’ words.

I love these things. They’re inexpensive, work quickly and easily, and even a non-rocket-scientist can use them. How many modern inventions can say the same thing?


More than you would ever know. Here’s a link to a Japanese lingerie company that makes the iBra in the 5 original iMac colors:
Matching panties and camisoles available too.

I love the advertisement for that.

George Foreman saying simply “burga, chikken, hawt dawg” is just sheer genius.

  • Rob

I think it’s a smart move. It helps dispel the infomercial rep that had attached itself to the product.

I love my George Foreman grill.
Or I used to love it, but strangely double bacon cheeseburgers are not health food and I had to stop using it until I lost the weight I gained…

But, theoretically, it’s amazing.

::hangs head in shame::

I, also, am a George Foreman Grill user. I got one a couple of years ago, and I really like it. It heats up the house a lot less than if I were to broil chicken or burgers or whatever in the broiler. I am clueless in the kitchen anyway, and like to keep things simple.

You know, every time I see that commercial I pity the dancers who have to prance around that grill.

Still, a gig is a gig.

George thought that he was thinking different.

Heh heh heh…
The first time I saw this commercial, I thought, “hell, George Foreman has his own line of iMacs!” (The SO, who is a computer geek extrordinaire, did not find this quite as funny.) There’s something that bothers me about G. Foreman touting a product that looks suspiciously like a computer, though. I wonder if they had to pay rights for it to look so similar…

There’s no shame in that! Hell, my husband and I registered for one when we got married, and then not so casually hinted to all and sundry that we would be thrilled to recieve it. Completely tactless, but that’s what friends are for!

Moms love 'em! Dads love 'em! Even grandmas love 'em!

This was my first thought as well.

I bet the lawyers at Apple are going to have some fun with this.