New Godzilla trailer...featuring Mothra?

There is a new international trailer out for the Godzilla movie coming out this May.

Here it is

Now watch the trailer and look at what happens on 1:19. That’s too fast and the wrong shape to be a jet, but something is definitely flying.

Looks Mothra-esque to me, but a bit more sleek (Battra??) This is the first I’ve heard or seen any inclinations of another monster making an appearance.

If I wasn’t excited BEFORE…

I’d read that they were using all new Kaiju for this movie, so it wouldn’t be the classic Godzilla foe but maybe something similar? Of course, the Star Trek people said Khan wasn’t going to be in the last movie.

It sure looks like Mothra.


Please return the egg!

Good Lord I wasn’t even aware there WERE other kaiju in the movie

I hope Bryan Cranston’s character says something like, “It’s a giant lizard destroying the city like in all those Japanese monster movies!” Because seriously, by now, who is gonna’ believe a world where Godzilla hasn’t been a giant monster movie franchise since the 50’s?

Eh, neither of the modern retellings of Sherlock seem to have any awareness of the Victorian-era fictional detective, people in zombie movies never seem to have seen “The Living Dead” or similar films, etc. Its pretty common to have films with popular fictional creatures or characters live in universes where the fictional version doesn’t exist.

Does this mean a possible twin cameo by Emi and Yumi?

I’ve seen pics of a Cloverfieldish monster with the tag MUTO, but have no idea if that’s a real thing or not. It doesn’t look like it can fly, at any rate. I’ve also heard the “all new Kaiju” line, but I agree it could be misdirection.

No it’s modern. They are going to be two rapping sistas!

Oh god, no.

I was kind of thinking I saw Gigan in the trailer, but I think he would be too campy for this movie.

If not Mothra, what about Rodan?

I definitely thought it was Rodan.

Yeah, I know. That’s why it would be funny. They’ve got to do something to freshen this up. Otherwise it’s just another CGI monster movie. Except with “Godzilla” as the title.

More like Rodan or a new equivalent. I really don’t see a giant freaking moth in this picture. They make a giant porch light and it’s done.

Oh Man…how could I have forgotten about the Dan Man!

Here’s the best grab I could bet…


Mothra or Rodan - you decide…

Looks more pterodactyl than moth.

At 1:20, just after that picture of it flying, there’s a shot of a head as a door is closing. I think that’s the flying monster’s head, which also looks more like Rodan than Godzilla or Mothra to me. It would be easier to tell if it wasn’t directly from the front, but that looks kind of like a beak.